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Pretty Creek Ranch

Price: $8,950,000
Acreage: 7,670
MLS Number: SD140339
County: Ziebach
Status: Active

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Pretty Creek Ranch
Pretty Creek Ranch - Dupree, Ziebach County, South Dakota

Located approximately eight miles north of Dupree, South Dakota, in the heart of cattle and wheat country, the Pretty Creek Ranch provides the perfect combination of small grain and grass ...

Price: $8,950,000
Acreage: 7,510
MLS Number: SD141241
County: Ziebach
Status: Active

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Spur Creek Ranch
This outstanding grass ranch totals over 14,599 acres with 12,159.42 deeded acres, 1,600 acres of School Land and another 840 acres of BLM lease. The native hard grass country of northwestern South Dakota is well known for producing excellent gains o...

Price: $8,511,594
Acreage: 14,599
MLS Number: SD142423
County: Butte
Status: Active

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Crow Peak Ranch
The Crow Peak Ranch is a highly scenic 550 acre block of deeded land located only 7 miles west of Spearfish, South Dakota at the base of the Black Hills. Two creeks run through the ranch with one flowing year around. The improvements are highlighted ...

Price: $3,575,000
Acreage: 550
MLS Number: SD141645
County: Lawrence
Status: Active

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Sod Farm
South Dakota irrigated farm. This is prime property for preservation, campus or a multitude of other combinations. This land is zoned general agriculture in Pennington County--- quite literally is surrounded by the City of Rapid City. Price includes ...

Price: $3,400,000
Acreage: 117
MLS Number: SD142629
County: Pennington
Status: Active

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