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As far as land size, Mississippi is smaller than the average landmass of states in the U.S. with just more than 48,000 square miles. It ranks just about in the middle in agricultural production, dedicating about 37 percent of its land to agriculture.

The vast majority of the state's farmland is privately owned. And of that, the vast majority is owned by farmers, 65 and older. There's a lot of room for younger generations, and those new to farming. And, there's a lot of help available through each of the state's county Farm Bureau offices, and Mississippi State University's Agricultural Extension offices.

Mississippi's Top Crops

The production of cotton is high with about 13 percent of the total agricultural receipts for the state coming from this crop. It ranks third in the U.S. for cotton production. Other key crops grown here include soybeans, rice, grains, and sweet potatoes.

Another key commodity raised in the state is broiler chickens. It is Mississippi's number one livestock product followed by egg-laying chickens, cattle and calves.

Aquafarming is also very important to the state. Mississippi is the leading producer of catfish in the country with more than 109,000 acres of ponds, mostly located along the Delta. The area's flatlands, clay soil, and high-producing groundwater supplies are key for the construction of these ponds. Catfish production has grown to bring in an estimated $2 billion to the state's economy each year.

Available Farm Land

Whether your interest is in row crops, aquafarming, raising chickens, or grazing cattle, there's a lot of farmland available up and down the State of Mississippi. Pastureland and unplanted acreage are available at $2,000 or less per acre in 30- to 300-acre parcels. Turnkey poultry production property with barns, a ranch house and room to run some cattle may also be available.

Look to the counties of Sunflower, Humphreys, and Leflore for catfish farms, which combined contain 39 percent of the nation's catfish pond area. Or look for undeveloped property to create your own.

The farmlands of Mississippi offer a peaceful way of life and a great place to raise a family. Browse the Land Broker MLS listings to see what is available. For those with Mississippi farmland for sale, sign up with Land Broker MLS' co-op to showcase your property, today!

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