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Ken & Dorothy Mitchell Land Auction
Yuma, Colorado
853.00 acres
Pivot Irr & Pasture - 12 to 23 mi SE of Yuma, CO. (#1:) 130 ac irr CREP eligible @ $28,000/yr/15 yrs. -SB: $350,000 (#2:) 130 ac pivot irr - SB: $500,000 (#3:) 557 ac pasture - SB: $250,000 Bidding opens: Wednesday, April 22 @ 8:00 am MT Bidding ends: Friday, April 24 @ 12 noon MT PROPERTY TO OFFERED AS 3 SEPARATE PARCELS 862.9+/- acres Parcel #1: 152.0+/- ac w/130.1+/- ac pivot irr; Valley pivot w/well Eligible for CREP program - $218/irr ac/yr for 15 yrs, Pmt $28,000 From Yuma, CO, 11 mi S, 1/2 mi E STARTING BID: $350,000 Parcel #2: 153.9+/- ac w/130.2+/- ac pivot irr; Valley pivot w/well From Yuma, CO, 12 mi S, 9 mi E, 1/2 mi S STARTING BID: $500,000 Parcel #3: 557.0+/- ac pasture, fenced, 2 submersible wells From Yuma, CO, 12 mi S, 9 mi E, 1 mi S STARTING BID: $250,000 West Central Yuma County, CO Possession for 2020 growing season Register for online bidding in advance.
Hendrich Farms, Inc. Dryland Auction
Washington, Colorado
5,847.00 acres
Hendrich Farms, Inc., is liquidating to retire. Seldom does a dryland farm of this size, quality, and reputation of excellent farming practices become available for sale at auction. 5,847.8± ac to be offered for sale in 22 Parcels, 3 Combos, East/West Unit, and Single Unit via a multi parcel auction. Dryland tract size will vary from 160± ac to the Single Unit size of 5,527.8± ac. The Hendrich Farms, Inc. farming operation is situated in two locations. The parcels within the East Unit consist of 4,042.8± ac and is located 16-29 mi SW of Akron, CO in central Washington, Cty. The parcels within the West Unit consist of 1,438± ac and is located 5-10 mi S of Woodrow, CO in west central Washington, Cty. In addition, 160± ac of CRP located 20 mi SW of Otis, CO, 160± ac of dryland owned by a landlord located directly north of the headquarters, and 3 improvements sites are being offered for sale within the auction. The multi parcel auction bidding format allows Buyer(s) multiple purchasing opportunities to relocate, expand, and/or invest in land. HENDRICH FARMS, INC. is situated between HWY #34 - HWY #36 & HWY #71 - HWY #63. Located SE of Fort Morgan, CO AND SW of Akron, CO LIVE AUCTION > HENDRICH FARMS, INC., DRYLAND AUCTION WASHINGTON COUNTY, CO 5,847± TOTAL ACRES DRYLAND // CRP // IMPROVEMENTS OFFERED IN 22 SEPARATE PARCELS / 3 COMBINATIONS / 3 UNITS November 17, 2020 @ 10:30 am, MT Washington County Event Center—Akron, CO
Norbert & Lucille Meis Land Auction
Yuma, Colorado
952.00 acres
Variety of properties including dryland, pivot irrigated, pasture with CRP being offered for sale. Close to Yuma & Eckley. Opportunity for buyers starting and /or expanding their operation. ONLINE ONLY TIMED LAND AUCTION WITH RESERVE Bidding opens: Tuesday, November 10th @ 8:00 am MT Bidding ends: Wednesday, November 11th @ 12 noon MT Listing ID 202130 BID CLOSING: To submit bids in person or to attend the bid closing, join us at the Concession Building, Yuma County Fairgrounds, Yuma, CO. on November 11, 2020 from 10 am - 12 noon . 952± acres to be offered for sale in 5 separate parcels as described below: PARCEL #1 - DRYLAND: 160.0± ac; 159.5± ac dryland, .5± ac rds; Washington Cty, CO; FSA base: 108.5 ac wheat w/46 bu yield, 40.8 ac corn w/182 bu yield; 80± ac wheat; 79.5± ac wheat stubble; STARTING BID: $145,000 PARCEL #2 - PIVOT IRRIGATED: 160.0± ac; 131.0± ac pivot irr, 18.7± ac CRP, 10.3± ac grass/rds, Yuma Cty, CO; Irr Well Permit adjudicated for 400 ac ft; 100 hp electric motor, pump & 2015 8 tower Valley pivot; FSA base: 137.6 ac corn w/182 bu yield; CRP contract expires: 9/30/2026, Annual payment: $1,052 @ $56.39/ac; STARTING BID: $460,000 PARCEL #3 - PASTURE/EXPIRING CRP: 152.1± ac; 79.5± ac CRP, 72.6± ac pasture/rds, Yuma Cty, CO; CRP contract expires: 9/30/2020 (Pending approval for reenrollment - If approved, Buyer(s) option to keep or terminate); Submersible L/S well; STARTING BID: $85,000 PARCEL #4 - PASTURE/CRP: 320.0± ac; 96.2± ac CRP, 223.8± ac pasture/rds, Yuma Cty, CO; CRP contract expires: 9/30/2021, Annual payment: $3,440 @ $35.76/ac; Windmill; STARTING BID: $180,000 PARCEL #5 - PASTURE: 160.0± ac pasture/rds, Yuma Cty, CO; Submersible well; STARTING BID: $95,000 OWNED mineral rights conveyed to Buyer Possession upon closing except for growing wheat on dryland & corn stalks