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Known for the top auto racing competition in the country, Indiana is a state that draws people back time and again. While not its official state song, Back Home Again in Indiana, probably sums up the feelings of native Hoosiers the best. Part of the state's draw is the farmland and countryside, which also offer a lot of great hunting spots.

A 2011 national survey by the US Fish and Wildlife Service combined with the US Census Bureau revealed 776,000 resident sportsmen in Indiana accompanied by 91,000 non-residents, including hunters and anglers. While there were indeed more fishermen than hunters, 392,000 hunters enjoy their sport on a regular basis.

Sportsmen Add to State Economics

Those 392-thousand hunters each spent about 28 days in the field. In economic terms, hunters spent more than $157,000 on equipment and supplies and another $65,000 on trip-related expenses such as gas, food, and lodging in a year.

Couple that with anglers, who averaged 26 days in the field while spending $427,000 on travel and $672,000 on equipment, equals $1.3 million added into the state's economy. Yet another facet of sportsmen are the wildlife watchers, mostly bird watchers, who spend $751+ mil each year on their hobbies, whether in their own backyard, or while traveling, generating even more to the state coffers.

Hunting Land for Sale in Indiana

Ninety-five percent of Indiana's nearly 36.5 thousand square miles is privately owned. That includes its farmland, timber country, grazing land, and hunting and fishing property. If you are a hunter or angler seeking your own acreage for your own enjoyment, there are listings here on Land Broker MLS for you. If you are a hunter or angler looking for income property where you can also enjoy your hobbies, we've got those listings also. Whether you farm, raise cattle, or look to be an entrepreneur by building a hunting or fishing lodge to share your hobby with others, there are always a lot of listings here to fit your needs be it in Indiana or elsewhere. Properties here range from just a few acres to 100 acres and more.

Land Broker MLS is a co-op listing service for brokers and agents to share their land for sale with land seekers on the internet. If you have hunting land for sale, or any other type of land, contact Land Broker MLS and let us get you set up to share your land listings, today!

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