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Alaska, America's Last Frontier. Here there is a lot of room to roam for man, caribou, elk, and deer. That is one of the things that makes this state so good for hunting and fishing, alike. Its 663,300 square miles makes it nearly two-and-a-half times the size of Texas.

However, the periods of daylight and weather conditions limit the amount of time a hunter can spend in the field. None-the-less, the state is seen as a great wildlife refuge, and that is why many choose to live here.

Alaska's Hunting Grounds

While much of the state is owned by the federal government, a lot of it allows for public access for wildlife viewing and hunting. Yet still, there is a lot of private hunting land in Alaska and an increased demand for it. According to Alaska's Department of Fish and Wildlife, some $3.4 billion was spent by those viewing and hunting in the state in 2011. Estimates are roughly equivalent to that amount on an annual basis since.

With that comes an additional $.9 billion generated in affiliation for equipment, food, lodging, and so forth. The total provides more than 27,000 jobs with a labor income of $1.4 billion, annually. There is no doubt how important wildlife viewing and hunting is to the state's economy. Add in non-commercial anglers, which were not included in these tallies, and the totals become even higher.

Hunting Land for Sale in Alaska

There is quite a bit of prime wildlife, hunting, and fishing land for sale on the Kenai Peninsula, within the Matanuska Susitna borough, and further north. Owning private property affords your own territory for hunting and fishing, free from the competition of others. You can find barren acreage or land with a cabin, or year-round home.

However, if you are looking to invest in income property, you'll want to include some of those visitors and vacationers by developing your own wildlife viewing, hunting, or fishing ranch. There is an ever-increasing demand for stay-vacation lodging and guided tours in Alaska, and if hospitality is your thing, you can look for your own prime property already set-up with cabins or a lodge, or a blank slate in which to design your own.

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