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Forty-two percent of Arizona's land is desert. But the rest of the states nearly 114,000 miles is comprised of forests and grasslands with a lot of habitat for wildlife to flourish. Much of that land is great for recreational use, and considered good hunting land.

Where and What to Hunt

While hunting is permitted on some state and federally-owned land, you never know when someone may be in your favorite location. Private land offers good hunting with no crowds. Private land also offers the opportunity for recreational-oriented entrepreneurship. On your own land, where permitted, you can offer guided hunting tours, create a lodge for overnight guests, develop pathways for ATVs, and more. In Arizona, there are a lot of dollars spent each year on recreational activities.

Hunters can enjoy a variety of game including migratory birds, quail, turkeys, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, bison, antelope and more. But, know the hunting regulations before you go. Arizona is home to 65 protected species as well, including species of owls, and the California condor. Harming any of these comes with severe consequences, whether on public or private property.

Arizona Hunters Generate Revenue

Arizona sees close to 270,000 hunters each year, who together spend $342 million on their sport including equipment, travel, food, and lodging. More than 5,700 jobs are associated with hunting activities in the state, generating $208 million in wages and salaries.

This is where that entrepreneur can also cash in. Opening up your land to overnight guests, and providing them an experience they may not be able to get on their own brings them back for more. Hunters talk and they listen to each other, and a good reputation spreads increasing your business.

Hunting Land for Sale in Arizona

From five-acre parcels to 5,000 acres, there is a variety of land sizing available in Arizona. Looking for higher elevation property where you will have snow? You can find it in Arizona. Looking for property near the river? Yep, you can find that, too. How about a retreat not too far from the big city? Arizona land will accommodate. Check out all of the land listings for Arizona with Land Broker MLS – there's a lot to see.

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