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The arid countryside of New Mexico all falls 2,800-feet above sea level, in fact on average double that at 5,700 feet. It offers four seasons including snowfall in some higher elevations around Albuquerque and Santa Fe. With the diversity of land and habitat, the state offers great hunting with a variety of game from quail, pheasants, and teal to mule deer, and elk.

In fact, some of the best hunting in the country is located in this Land of Enchantment, and hunters come from all over in search of the state's prize mule deer. Some property owners also raise exotics, such as Persian ibex and Barbary sheep, offering a wider range of game.

Geography and Landscape

The state's low point at 2,842 feet is along the Pecos River at the northern end of the Red Bluff Reservoir, along the border with Texas. Here, along that Texas border, lies the Lower Sonoran Zone, low in rainfall yet good cattle grazing country.

New Mexico's high point is Wheeler Peak, at 13,147-feet above sea level, located northeast of Taos. It and the surrounding peaks offer a dramatic backdrop with white caps all year round. Between the Lower Sonoran area and the alpine peaks, lies a lot of plains land.

New Mexico Hunting Land for Sale

While the state and federal government own a lot of New Mexico's land, much is also held in private hands, and some of that is always on the market. When looking at hunting land here, think big! A small plot of land may be around 100 acres. Larger properties of over a thousand acres are also often available. Large and small, many of these properties are multi-use and great for a retirement, or semi-retirement home and small cattle herd, with a lot of room for private hunting. Look at properties along the Pecos River for some prime fishing spots.

Hunting on private land for anyone other than the landowner requires written permission by the owner. There are some land-use agreements through the state's Department of Game & Fish, such as allowing hunters to utilize private lands in season, with ranch landowners gaining access to public lands for their own use, and others.

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