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Hunting is a rich part of Pennsylvania's history dating back to the state being of the 13 original colonies. The topography here is diverse with large amounts of farmland. Yet more than half of the state is forested with sugar pines and oaks. Away from the larger population areas, hunting is permitted in all of Pennsylvania's 67 counties. Whitetail deer, turkey, and elk roam freely through some parts of the state. So do rabbits, grouse, and black bear, available to hunters in select seasons, and within their species bag limits.

Hunting Aids Pennsylvania's Economy

Close to one-million people hunt here each year, with an average of 18 days in the field per hunter. While the majority of these are resident hunters, Pennsylvania sees a lot of visitor hunters as well. Hunters spend close to $1 billion annually on their sport between equipment costs, and trip expenditures. Small commuter airlines, such as Southern Airways Express, transport hunters from one area of the state to another in search of the specific game which they seek.

All of these expenditures contribute to the state's economy while providing wages and salaries for some 15,000 employees around the state with some relationship to hunting. In total, the average hunter here spends $1,260/annually on his or her sport.

Hunting Land

While hunting is permitted on a lot of publicly-owned property such as parts of the Allegheny National Forest in McKean County, often those areas are crowded. In recent years there has been a higher demand for private land allowing hunting. Smart individual landowners have built hunting lodges and cabins to accommodate that demand. And, there is room for more.

When hunting for turkey in Pennsylvania, one should turn to Lancaster County, known for its large turkey population. One may visit Wayne County for boar or deer. Locales for waterfowl differ including the expanse of shoreline along Lake Erie on the west and the banks of the Susquehanna River to the east. Each of these niches and others call out for their own hunting clubs, lodges, and guided tours.

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