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Arkansas' state animal is the white-tail deer. It's a powerful and beautiful animal admired by many, with other states designating it as their representative animal, as well. There is an abundance of these elegant creatures in a wide area of the country, and it's a draw for hunters within Arkansas and visitors to it, alike.

There's quite a variety of wildlife in Arkansas for those who enjoy birdwatching, photography, or hunting. Other game animals include alligator, elk, quail, turkey, and waterfowl.

The Economics of Hunting in Arkansas

There are some 327,000 hunters in Arkansas. They, along with visitors, spend about $8 million in hunting and related industry annually, including licensing, equipment, travel and amenities. Mallards, teal, and other species of duck and geese follow the migratory routes along the Mississippi River right through the western part of the state where farmers are growing rice and soybeans.

Because of the visiting duck population, the small city of Stuttgart, in Arkansas County, has deemed itself as the Duck Hunting Capital of the World. Nearby Lonoke County and areas of the state also capitalize on visiting duck hunters with a long season starting in early September with teal and Canada geese through January 31 for various waterfowl.

Arkansas Land, What's Available?

The hills of rural Arkansas are chalked full of timber and an abundance of wildlife. There are so many quiet nook and cranny private areas with their own streams and ponds, available as fishing properties and hunting land for sale. Land with logs cabins to more formal homes are up for sale. There are also farming and cattle grazing properties, on which owners can also hunt on their own land. State regulations with regard to seasons and bag limits need to be adhered as on public land.

Investing in land is an income opportunity that should not be overlooked. Countrywide there is a growing demand for private land on which to hunt with guided tours. In Arkansas, visiting duck hunters are seeking good locations urging landowners to open up their properties with overnight lodging and tour guides.

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