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The Black Hills of South Dakota are known to be home to Mt. Rushmore and its National Monument. With its quality grazing land, South Dakota is also known as being a prime beef-producing state, with some five head of cattle for each resident, and the $20 billion impact the cattle industry has on the state's economy each year.

But, along with the introduction of cattle, South Dakota is home to several other forms of meat including bison, deer, bighorn sheep, waterfowl, quail, grouse, and pheasant. All of which can be hunted here with the proper licensing and guidelines.

Pheasant and the Hunting Industry

South Dakota is known as "the" pheasant hunting destination in the country. Every year some 144,000 out-of-state visitors flock here to join the resident hunters for a share of the pheasant crop. A 2018 report by KDLT News shared that over $132 million was spent by pheasant hunters in the state the previous year. Each hunter alone is said to spend $5,000 on hunting equipment, food, and lodging, within the state, annually.

Pheasant hunters, and those in search of other game, along with anglers, trappers, wildlife viewers, and boaters spent 18.6 million days in state parks during 2016. Collectively, this added $1.3 billion into the state coffers that year. Figures are similar from year to year.

South Dakota's Private Land Ownership

The vast majority of the state's 77,000+ square miles is privately owned, about 91% of it. That's a lot of land for cattle ranchers, farmers, miners, and entrepreneurs to manage in the ways they see fit. While those on private hunting land must adhere to many of the regulations seen by hunters on public lands, such as bag counts, seasons, etc., private hunting land is in great demand due to its remoteness and lack of crowds. For the right entrepreneur, building some cabins or a hunting lodge on their property, maybe a good way to have the property help pay for itself.

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