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There's more to Tennessee than the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, and country music. Tennessee has some of the country's best fishing and hunting areas, and there's land for sale throughout the state perfect for the private sportsman, or those looking for investment opportunities.

Topography and Climate

Tennessee has a varied landscape with several ranges of the Appalachians including the Smoky Mountain peaks rising up to more than 6,000 feet. Here, as a part of what is known as the Blue Mountain range, lie the Cherokee, Nantahala, and Chattahoochee National Forests along the borders with North Carolina and Georgia. But, along with mountains come valleys such as the Great Valley of East Tennessee, and the Gulf Coastal Plain.

Generally, the state sees mild winters and warm summers with a statewide average of more than 50 inches of annual rainfall per year. With the variety in topography comes differing climates with warmer areas being in the Gulf Coastal Plain, Central Basin, and Sequatchie Valley.

Private Land for Sale in Tennessee

While the state is growing in population, it is a slow growth. There's an average of close to 154 people per mile here, the majority of which live in the large urban centers of Memphis and Nashville. There's still plenty of rural area with a lot fewer people in private ownership, and some of that land is for sale.

You can find 10-100-acre parcels perfect for a second home or cabin, or a primary home with your own wildlife to hunt and fish. Tennessee is home to some 19,000 miles of streams and a lot of small lakes and ponds, much of which falls on private property. Here hunting and fishing licenses may not be required by landowners or their immediate family members, but it is good to double check with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to confirm just who is covered under this exemption.

Investment Hunting and Fishing Properties

Larger parcels from 100 acres upward to 1,000 acres or more have great investment potential. There's a continued demand for private hunting and fishing lodges throughout the state. Private lands are less utilized and can offer more game than public lands. Developing a lodge, or cabin sites with private hunting and/or fishing access has potential earnings for the entrepreneur who wishes to share his hobby with others.

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