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Wisconsin is known as America's Dairyland. It is also known as a great state for hunting. Approximately 717,000 hunters live here with 88 percent of them participating in deer hunting. While the majority of hunting season in the state is in fall and winter, there is some summer animal hunting allowed including skunks, weasels, snowshoe hares, and opossums.

Wisconsin's Terrain

While neighboring Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Wisconsin has plenty, too, about 8,000 or more. It borders Lakes Michigan and Superior, and also sees the Mississippi River traverse down some of its Minnesota and Iowa border.

Wisconsin has four geographical regions, none very high. The state's median elevation is just above 1,000 feet. There are heavily forested hills, but no real mountains to speak of. Much of the countryside is rich with grazing land and farmland.

Private Land & Hunting

Those who are lucky enough to own some acreage in Wisconsin can probably hunt on it. Although, there isn't free license to hunt what you want, when you want. A hunting license, even on your own property, is needed for some birds and animals, and bag limits must still be followed.

The state contains more than 65,000 square miles with nearly one-fifth of it held in state or federal ownership. The rest, however, is privately owned by farmers, dairymen, ranchers, and other individuals. Here, you can find rugged, undeveloped property to prime farm property equipped with a home and barns. If you are looking for income or investment property, you are looking at a great state.

If full-time farming really isn't your thing, consider investing into barren land to develop into a hunting paradise. Hunters from near and far are happy to spend hobby funds on locally-guided private hunting and fishing tours. Wisconsin sportsmen spend $2.5 billion in the state each year on their hunting hobby. Through the development of a lodge, or cabins, you can offer overnight stays, or start your own hunting club. You'll need acreage with ponds or streams, and river access for the anglers.

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