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Florida is considered a haven for hunters and fisherman alike. These recreational sports add to the state's busy year-round tourist industry. In 2017, 116.5 million tourists visited the state for its warm weather, sandy beaches, and recreational sports.

It is estimated that hunters in the U.S. each spend close to $2,000 annually on their sport. The heftiest part of that goes toward lodging and food while away from home.

The recreational saltwater fishing industry brings in around $8 billion to the Florida's economy each year. Freshwater fishing adds another approximate $2 billion.

For those who enjoy hunting and fishing, the state is a sportsman's paradise. For those who are enjoy and are inclined to accommodate visitors, and to talk hunting and fishing, the possibilities are endless.

Florida's Game & Fish

The most abundant hunter's game is deer, and buck hunting statistics reveal most is done on private land versus public. There's quite a bit of wild hog hunting as well, and rabbits and gray squirrel are an example of local small game. With a diversity of waterfowl, duck hunting is big here along with turkeys in the fall.

Florida's fish hatcheries and ponds raise a lot of largemouth bass, bream, and channel catfish. Saltwater fish off the coast are diverse and abundant. Depending upon whether pier fishing or out on the water, look for sailfish, spotted sea trout, grouper, snapper, and mackerel.

Investment Hunting & Fishing Properties

For hunting or fishing income properties, consider at least 50 acres or more, depending upon how many visitors you want to accommodate at one time, and build a lodge, some small cabins, or allow for RV parking and hookups. Then offer hunting and fishing gear for sale and/or rent, and provide the use of your land.

Florida is considered to be the Fishing Capital of the World, and that's something you can take advantage of. Besides most of the state being bordered by the salty water of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, it's got three million acres of lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. While some of these waters are on public lands, a lot of the ponds are located on private property.

If you are lucky enough to find property located close to the coast, you could add a saltwater fishing boat to your business, too. Manatee County, just below Tampa Bay, has good examples of these types of multi-recreational use properties.

Hunting Land for Personal Use

When looking for hunting or fishing land for sale for you and your family, you'll still need more than an acre or two, unless the property is located next to government land which allows for the activities you seek. Then, you can purchase a smaller plot for your own private retreat and avail those public lands for hunting or fishing.

In Jefferson County, just as the state turns southward from the panhandle and which contains parts of the Apalachicola National Forest, you can find riverfront property for less than $3,000 per acre, and in nearby Jackson County's inland property, you may find similarly priced acreage with a home and barn already built.

Hunters should be aware that according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC), "Hunters born on or after June 1, 1975, and 16 years old, must pass a hunter safety course before purchasing a license." There are some exemptions for hunting on your own property, and in that case, you should check with the FFWCC. There are different bag and daily limits for various species of birds and mammals, and all hunters need to be aware of these limits and adhere to them.

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