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Venado Grande Ranch
, 79505
King County
22,730.00 acres
Property Description
The Venado Grande is the kind of ranch that a true sportsman or cattleman will equally love to own. Contiguously pieced together 22,730 acres derived from the historic Fant, Spikebox, and Moorehouse Ranches, situated in the heart of Big Ranch Country. This amazing property has been owned and operated by an oilman with an open checkbook, no expense spared anywhere. Millions of dollars worth of heavy equipment has been utilized to mechanically remove invasive brush, improve road networks, install wildlife foodplots and enhance grazing pastures for cattle. The ranch water system appears to be in excellent condition and the structural improvements are first class.

All of the exterior fencing is either new or in very good condition. Numerous new cross fences have been installed to aid in the ease of the cattle operation from a rotation standpoint.

The Venado Grande is located just west of the farming and ranching community of Benjamin in the Texas Rolling Plains. The ranch straddles the King and Knox County line and access is provided by approximately 4.5 miles of paved Highway 82 frontage. Easy access from Dallas (200 Miles), Ft. Worth (175 Miles), Abilene (90 Miles), Lubbock (115 Miles), and Wichita Falls (94 Miles).

The ranch was assembled through several purchases with the goal of turning rugged ranchland into a true showplace. Livestock production and wildlife management have been the main focus, along with four season recreation.

There are old copper mines in the rugged hills on the ranch, as well as stories about fur trappers and the history of several long-time area ranch families that called the ranch home in the early days.

Water Features
As previously mentioned, the ranch has been assembled and operated with an emphasis on improving the productivity of the land and expanding the availability of reliable water sources for wildlife and cattle. Recreation has been a major focus as well and four lakes on the ranch have been constructed in the past few years. These lakes are now full and have been stocked and managed for trophy fishing. Water is clear and inviting on a warm summer day.

To further enhance the ranch with additional reliable water sources miles and miles of heavy-duty poly waterline was distributed across the property, connected to a massive 30,000-gallon storage system fed by the King-Cottle rural waterline. This system guarantees treated water that is distributed across the property. This ingenious system utilizes mass storage and topography to efficiently move water across the ranch, maintaining enough pressure to fill over 65 large rubber tire drinkers and wildlife water stations.

Approximately ten miles of the South Wichita River winds through the northern portions of the ranch. This river normally serves as a year-round live water source. The river bottom is very scenic and brush canopy along the riverbanks offers exceptional wildlife habitat.

Hunting, Wildlife and Recreation
As the name of the ranch implies, this is big deer country. An abundance of large ranch ownerships in this region has allowed whitetail and mule deer populations to thrive and mature bucks to reach trophy size. Supplemental feed as well as large foodplots on the Venado Grande provide ample nutrition to grow impressive whitetail bucks. Also benefiting from this feed program are native turkey, quail and wild boar.

In recent years aoudad sheep have become common in this area and there are some impressive rams viewed frequently on the Venado Grande.
(4) 10x10 and (4) 6x8 insulated tower blinds are located on the ranch, typically overlooking a pipe fenced high capacity corn and protein feeder station.

The ranch is exceptionally well improved in a first-class manner. The ranch manager lives at the ranch headquarters in a very nice 3-bedroom, 2 bath home with a rock and stucco exterior and metal roof. This house is connected to a large garage by a wrap around, ranch style porch.

Complementing the headquarters ranch house is a 300 x 140 show barn with fifteen six rail, six foot high pipe stalls with automatic frost proof waterings. Two alleys and a nearly new set of pipe pens, tub and alley with hydraulic chute make livestock work a breeze. The large show barn also houses a large, unfinished apartment/office/tack room. This 50'x60' two-story facility was framed, wired for electric, plumbed and ready for spray foam insulation, however, the owner lost interest in the project and it was never completed. The current framed facility was to house two bedrooms, an office, large living area with full kitchen and a large saddle/tack room.

This large covered pen would work well for a cutting pen and is complete with indoor and outdoor lighting. This structure was key in making livestock handling/work a pleasure. The HQ work shops footprint is 90 x 100 (40x100 lean-to, 40 carport, and 50x60 being the unfinished enclosed apartment/office/tack room). A pipe roping arena and several outdoor pens, including a set of scales, is all located close by.

A large heated/cooled shop is also located nearby, used primarily for feed storage and vehicle maintenance/storage.

The owner's home is set on a picturesque hillside overlooking lush grass fields that were recently aerated and seeded to grass for cattle. This expansive and modern home was designed and built to last with no expense was spared in the construction. The home contains approximately 7,000 square feet and 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. Said home includes a 700 square foot heated and cooled garage and a 4,500 square foot wrap around ranch style porch. Only the best construction material was used, which includes exterior wall insulation that is approx. 11 inches thick that includes 6 inches of foam insulation, scratch coat of stucco, and 4-5 inches of stone. The roof is a virtually indestructible Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof. Facia and soffit are stucco. All the aforementioned created as close to a no maintenance exterior as you can get. Another notable feature includes a state-of-the-art kitchen and monolithically poured, 8 thick solid concrete theater room that doubles as a safe room/storm shelter. Near this magnificent nearly new home is a large 60x100 foam insulated shop, heated and cooled, with a 25 lean-to and carport. This structure serves as storage for hunting vehicles, RVs, etc. Also nearby is a a new equipment carport, which is 50 x 200 in size. This structure houses trailers, dirt equipment, tractors, etc. Around the owners home complex is a cement filled cinderblock snake proof wall and gate.

This region is rich not only in productive land but minerals on and below the surface as well. The seller owns approximately 481 net mineral acres under the heart of the ranch (12,000 acres). Likely there are minerals owned under the other tracts that were assembled over the years as well, but this has never been researched.

Price and Remarks
The Venado Grande is a fantastic offering, suitable for enjoyable use throughout all four seasons of the year. The improvements and the ranch are top notch, are in great condition and easy-to-maintain. There is no doubt that this ranch will continue to flourish, and wildlife numbers improve due to the exorbitant amount of money that has been spent under the current ownership.

The ranch is offered for sale at $1,195 per acre, including one-half of the owned minerals and all the wind energy and solar energy royalty rights intact.

Broker Comments
If you are looking to step into one of the highest improved, turnkey hunting /fishing/recreation/cattle ranches in Texas then the Venado Grande deserves your immediate attention.

The Venado Grande is a recreation and cattle raisers paradise. Reliable ranch management is in place and management would like to continue operating the ranch serving a new owner.

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Bar J Ranch
Gooseberry Road, Fish Lake National Forest , Salina
, 84654
Sevier County
6,234.00 acres
This world class elk hunting ranch totals 6,234 deeded acres, and is an inholding in the Fish Lake National Forest located 10 miles southeast of Salina, Utah. Complete with an owners home, barn, shop, and historic homestead. Paved year-round county maintained access to front gate, 6 miles south of I-70, with the Richfield Municipal Airport located only 30 minutes from the ranch gate.
Starting at 6,680 ft elevation and topping out at 9,200 ft in southeast corner, the ranch involves an incredible mix of ecosystems ranging from cottonwood lined river-bottoms up to alpine basins of aspen & pine. Over 8.0 miles of private trout streams run year-round the the Bar J Ranch, and Browns and Cutthroat Trout can grow to over 18 inches in Lost Creek, the largest of the three fisheries on the ranch. Countless small creeks, springs, natural ponds, and a small private reservoir add to the water found across the ranch. The ranch has over 235 acres sprinkler irrigated farmland or flood irrigated pasture, which are supported by some of the most senior water rights in the region. Three large lakes or reservoirs nearby, including Rex and Johnson Valley Reservoirs, and Fish Lake. The defining feature of the Bar J Ranch is its world-class elk hunting. The ranch is a private single-owner CWMU (Bar J CWMU) which gets 9 Bull Elk tags, and over 12 Buck Deer tags annually. The bull elk harvested on the Bar J Ranch have one, if not the highest B&C average scores in the entire State of Utah. Premium hunting for Mule Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion, Turkeys, and Waterfowl is also characteristic of the ranch. The ranch is alos an excellent summer unit for a sizable cattle operation, and comfortably supports 300 to 400 cow/calf pairs. Zoning under Sevier County is GRF-20S (Grazing/Recreation/Forestry/Seasonal).
Approximately 5,776 acres of the ranch is preserved by a conservation easement. The Bar J Ranch has been in the Jorgensen family for 150 years, dating back to the homestead act.

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Monarch Ranch
, 78837
Val Verde County
40,138.00 acres
NEW LOWER PRICE! A rare jewel in the desert, the Monarch Ranch is located on over 5 miles of the pristine Devils River 30 miles upstream from Lake Amistad. Stunning views of the Devils River Basin and deep canyons greet visitors to the ranch as you climb over 300 from the river. Fantastic hunting and fishing, miles of paved roads and a 6,000 lighted and paved airport runway make the ranch extremely accessible in this dramatic country. The purported largest volume cave in Texas and remains of Fort Hudson are just a few of the amazing sites to visit on the ranch.

Location: The ranch is located on Highway 163 near Bakers Crossing, 25 miles north of Lake Amistad and also has frontage on FM 1024 from Comstock.

Habitat: The Monarch Ranch is found where multiple eco-systems meet, including elements of the Chihuahuan Desert, Edwards Plateau and Tamaulipan Thornscrub along with deep river basin soils containing towering pecan trees and majestic live oaks along the riverbank. The property contains important portions of the Devils River watershed including its recharge zone, tributaries, springs, riparian gallery woodlands, caves and karst aquifer systems.

Along the lower lands of the river and canyons, live oaks, pecans and sycamores dominate the landscape. Much of the area along the river is a true riparian eco-system with reeds, tall bunch grasses and cane breaks dominating the zone.

As you move away from the river, the ranches steep topography is dominated by ashe juniper, some oaks, and cacti. This is a very rugged country with breathtaking views and caves for exploring.

The upper highlands have extensive native grasses, diverse brush species and some ashe juniper dominating the landscape.

Wildlife: The multitude of differing environments on this ranch creates country that has an amazing biodiversity. White-tailed deer are found throughout the ranch, and the occasional mule deer can be found in the highlands. Turkey are plentiful in the bottoms along with a strong population of bob-white quail. Aoudad Sheep are found along the steep cliffs and canyons coming up from the river bottom. Blue quail are common in the highlands, along with strong populations of mourning dove. Bobcats, coyotes, badgers, and mountain lions are also very common in the area.

The Devils River brings in a host of wildlife that might not be commonly found this far west, including plenty of ducks, amazing migrations of monarch butterflies and raptors such as Bald Eagles and Ospreys that hunt the fish in the river.

The Monarch Ranch is managed under an MLD III plan (currently referred to as a MLD Conservation Plan), allowing for extended seasons for deer hunting and professional management of the wildlife.

The fishing in the Devils River on the Monarch is truly lights out. Perhaps the best small mouth bass fishery in the State of Texas exists in the cool clear waters of the river here with many fish exceeding six pounds. Largemouth bass are also abundant along with bream and catfish.


The Devils River is considered the purest water in the State of Texas and is used by the State as the index for clean water. The rivers headwater springs are on the neighboring ranch up river from the Monarch. The ranch has over 5 miles of frontage on the river, including over a mile and a half of both sides of the river.

There are multiple springs on the ranch, including a large spring (Phillips Spring) that feeds pristine water into the river. Further, many seeps can be found in the canyons, particularly during wet periods.

Groundwater is available in this region that is of excellent quality. There are 25 water wells on the property (electric pump, solar and windmills) as well as miles of water pipelines distributing the water throughout the property.

Improvements: Housing on the Monarch is modest and not too extensive. On the west side of the river there is a mobile home used for the ranch foreman and a pilots cabin near the airport that is relatively new and very comfortable. On the east side there are several modular homes and the main lodge that sits along the river bottom.

The airport on the west side of the ranch has a newly paved 6,000 runway with stripes and lights and includes a large hangar and fuel tanks.

There are over 13 miles of paved roads on the ranch that are in excellent condition and make getting around the extensive ranch very easy. The ranch also has the only private bridge over the Devils River in existence.

Electricity: There are multiple access points to electricity throughout much of the ranch.

Minerals: Approximately 13,000 net mineral acres are owned by Seller on the Monarch, and there are significant State Classified Minerals on the ranch as well.

Conservation Easement: The owner of the Monarch Ranch donated a conservation easement on this fabulous property to help conserve this unique part of Texas. The ecological values along the Devils River warrant stewarding and protection for future owners and heirs to enjoy the quiet solitude it offers. Thousands of acres along the Devils River have Conservation Easements which ensure that much of the area will remain in its natural state and be an oasis of nature. This working example of cooperative conservation has brought private land-owners, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and The Nature Conservancy together with a common goal to keep the wild Devils River wild and running clear for the future. As owner of the property you would be part of one of the largest conservation neighborhoods in Texas.

Highlights of the easement include:

The Monarch East Ranch and Monarch West Ranch may each be subdivided into two separate ranches.
There are currently six existing home sites on the Monarch East Ranch which can be maintained and remodeled by the owner. On the Monarch West Ranch there are currently two existing homes which can also be maintained and remodeled.
A total of six new Residence Compounds may be built on the Monarch Ranch. Each of these compounds may be up to ten acres and multiple buildings may be built in each new compound. These compounds may not be built within any of the No Development Zones with the exception that two new compounds may be built near the river on the Monarch West (there is currently an existing building compound on the Monarch East river frontage).
New roads may be built to access the new Residence Compounds and all existing roads may be maintained and improved.
Livestock grazing, crops, orchards and vineyards may be grown on the property outside of the No Development Zones.
No restrictions on hunting and fishing, blind placements, etc.
Established caliche pits are recognized on the ranch and may be used to maintain existing roads and build new roads to residence compounds.

History: The Monarch Ranch is located in a historically rich section of Val Verde County. Following Texas independence from Mexico in 1836, John Coffee Hays is the first American recorded to visit Val Verde County in an effort to establish a road from San Antonio to El Paso in 1848. During his time tracking the road, he renames the San Pedro River the Devils River, to fit with the difficult terrain.

Fort Hudson also known as Camp Hudson was located on the San Pedro Creek, a tributary of the Devils River. Established in June of 1857, the gravel and lime constructed fort has a state marker on the highway and gravestones of fallen soldiers on the property. Fort Hudson was one of several camps built between San Antonio and El Paso to protect and aid travelers on the San Antonio-El Paso Road, known as the Chihuahua Trail. A local post office was built at the camp along an elevated but isolated section of the creek, seeing only a few travelers in the early years. The post office closed in 1866 and by 1871 the camp was reorganized with two companies of cavalry to be used as a summer camp to protect new settlers. Fort Hudson troops fought with Indians, sometimes driving them down into Mexico. By 1877 the threat of Indian attacks no longer existed in the capacity to keep the fort open. A centennial marker was placed on the site by the Texas Historical Commission in 1936.

Fern Cave is located on the western portion of Monarch Ranch and is considered the largest cave, in terms of volume, in Texas. Fern Cave is estimated at around 300,000 cubic meters. There are at least 3,000 caves and sinkholes known in Texas and are important economic, scientific and recreational resources. Fern Cave, also known as Bat Cave, houses thousands of bats in the summer. The total length of the cave is between 500 and 1,000 and the total depth is around 75. A survey of the cave was completed in 1963.

Bakers Crossing is located on State Highway 163, crossing the river on a bridge slightly to the west of the original crossing and site of the earlier highway bridge. Bakers Crossing was named for a pioneer who settled on the site being the Second Crossing of the Devils River by the San Antonio-El Paso Road. Bakers Crossing lies at an elevation of 1,516.


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Double AA River Ranch
2375 East River Road , Livingston
, 59047
Park County
1,443.00 acres
REVISED-ADDITIONAL ACREAGE/RIVER ADDED TO OFFERING - The Double AA River Ranch is one of the most spectacular ranches to come to market in the Paradise Valley of Livingston MT. While there are many beautiful recreational ranches in Montana, few inspire with such majestic beauty and tranquility as the Double AA. Graced with 1,443.41 acres, and a long stretch of the Yellowstone River, the ranch offers world-class trout fishing for 3.55 miles, a robust wildlife habitat and scenic vistas of the Absaroka-Beartooth and Gallatin mountains. The Double AA is also a working cattle ranch with lush, irrigated hay fields and abundant grazing land. A flexible conservation easement allowing for additional residences, guest ranching, B&B and eco-tourism has been placed on the property to protect its agriculture heritage and fish & wildlife habitat. Existing residences include a comfortable river house, bunk cabin & 1900's manager's house. This offering presents a timely investment and the opportunity to own one of the finest river ranches in Livingston.

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Double B Ranch
9420 FM2843 , Salado
, 76571
Bell County
1,105.00 acres
The magnificent Double B Ranch is an outstanding 1,000+ high fenced acres. There are not many ranches of this caliber and size that is less than one hour from Austin. Conveniently located on FM 2843, the ranch is 5 minutes west of I-35 at renowned Salado, Texas. It is around 45 minutes from north Austin, 2 hours from Dallas, and 30 minutes to Georgetown or Waco.

Salado is a quaint town that has been compared to Wimberley or a smaller version of Fredericksburg. There are world class artists, wineries, breweries, and a variety of shops. You can stay at the famous Stagecoach Inn or the neat bed and breakfasts.

The Double B is a drop dead gorgeous Hill Country ranch and is truly one of a kind. There have only been four owners since the Spanish Land Grant, in the 1800s. Approximately 1,000+ acres is high fenced. The gently rolling land has 120 feet of elevation change and offers big views from several locations. There is great tree cover that include live oak, post oak, elm, pecan, sycamore, and cedar. Much of the cedar has been cleared leaving a park of large oaks. Much of the ranch is not very rocky and offers good soils for food plots, sunflower fields, or improved grasses.

The property is not lacking for water. Over one mile of Mustang Creek meanders through the ranch. Several springs seep into the creek and two dams impound great water for fishing. In addition to the creek there are four more spring fed ponds that provide water for game, livestock, and are stocked with fish. Willingham Springs flows into one of the ponds. The stone spring box is decades old and the spring has constantly provided water through a number of dry times and droughts. Subsurface water is abundant as well. There are five wells on the ranch and all are 60 to 100+ GPM.

There is a variety of game that includes gemsbock, axis, blackbuck, addax, fallow, and oryx. The whitetail have genetically superior genetics and were from breeding bucks and doe that include Kid Rock, Southern Comfort, Express, Top Gun, Maxbo, Federal Express, Nitro Express, Midnight Express, Southern Rock, Gladiator XL, Frac Daddy, Pump Jack, Freightliner, and Federal Reserve. Additional hunting includes turkey, dove, and ducks.

The main home/lodge is a beautiful six year old 6,482 sq. ft. (Bell CAD) stone exterior home, featuring 6 bedrooms, 6 full baths, and 2 half baths. There are granite counters throughout, 3 fireplaces, a bar area with commercial ice maker, an outdoor kitchen with granite counters, a huge covered porch, and a cool pool and spa. The chefs kitchen has a double oven, Subzero refrigerator, Wolf stovetop, and a large walk-in pantry.

Other improvements include a 2572 covered parking area and a 2524 air conditioned exercise room, a Bus/RV barn, and an older guest/foremans home. There is a 1,678 sq. ft. (Bell CAD) barndominium. The 2 bedroom, 1 bath barndo was built in 2006 and has a 3 bay garage.

The furniture, furnishings, and equipment are negotiable.

Sometimes you come across a place that is very special and the Double B is one of those places that doesnt come around very often.

Co-listed with: Glenn Hodge- First Texas Realty Bill Benton, Broker
254.718.2000 512.422.2566

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Whitehall Ranch
Whitehall TX  , Whitehall
, 77868
Grimes County
656.00 acres
The rolling hills and quiet pastoral setting of Whitehall, Texas have a wonderful secret - the 656 acre Whitehall Ranch, a master-planned ranch property with architectural consistency throughout every improvement within commuting distance to Houston or College Station. Despite a very private and pristine setting, the ranch is easily accessed via Highway 6 and the new Highway 249 extension.

Anchored by a private, family compound tucked into a natural protected setting, Whitehall Ranch reflects the thoughtful merger of inspiration and architecture. The main residence, two guest homes, and pool complex are a masterpiece of design and modern luxury with soaring ceilings and wall-to-wall windows. No mechanical or aesthetic detail was overlooked. Terraced landscaping and manicured grasses offer a Zen-like setting among architectural symmetry and dramatic lines. The ranch is an incredible place to take pleasure in a multitude of year-round activities and to relax in luxury and savor the amazing scenery. The owner was in no rush to get this right and went to, and continues to go to, extraordinary lengths to ensure this ranch's place among Texas's finest properties.

<i>Co-listed with Deitra Robertson Real Estate</i>

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Brazos River Lodge
, 87520
Rio Arriba County
4,097.00 acres
- 4,097 deeded acres
- Several miles of New Mexico's finest fly fishing on the legendary Brazos River, tributaries, & two lakes
- Likely to qualify for over 30 landowner elk tags annually
- Four season recreational paradise
- Newly constructed lodge with 8 suites, managers home, several guest cabins, & shop
- 1.5+/- hours from Taos, NM & Alamosa, CO

Spanning over 4000 acres of the finest mountain habitat in northern New Mexico, Brazos River Lodge is a fishing and hunting property almost too good to imagine. The centerpiece of this one-of-a-kind property is nearly two miles of the fabled Brazos River, a fly anglers dream stretch of meadow stream that holds trout known for remarkable size and tippet-busting fight. If thats not enough, add in trophy elk hunting, unmatched privacy, and a client-spoiling lodge, and the result is a turn-key fishing and hunting property well suited to impress even the most seasoned fly fisher or veteran big game hunter.

Situated at roughly 10,000 feet, the ranch spreads across thousands of acres of rolling terrain covered dark spruce, fir, and aspen, along with grassy meadows that are sprinkled with wildflowers in the summer. The winter snowfall here is the source of plentiful water that appears in springs, small creeks, ponds, and the two primary forks of the Brazos River that converge just above the ranch. The abundant water is key to maintaining populations of elk, mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and pronghorn, and of course, to one of the best trout streams in all of New Mexico.

On the Brazos River Lodge property, the river is 20- to 30-feet wide, and includes an enticing variety of runs, riffles, pools and cutbanks, in truth, all the features a dry fly fisher dreams about. Trout thrive here, primarily fat rainbows in the 16- to 22-inch class, but also an occasional chunky brook trout or even a brown that ventures up from well downstream. Dry fly fishing with wide-open casting is superb, with fishing rising to mayfly, caddis and terrestrial patterns throughout the summer. Two small tributaries up to 4 feet wide support smaller brook trout, and could be enhanced with larger pools for larger fish. Stillwater anglers can also find plenty of action on two trout-filled lakes, the larger of which is about 10 acres.

Big game hunting supplements the fishing in the fall. With no public access through the ranch, the property is surrounded by a combination of the Carson National Forest and Chama Land & Cattle Property. Brazos River Lodge defines privacy! Elk herds are constantly seen here in the summer and fall, attracted to the many water sources. Currently, Brazos River Lodge receives 23 bull tags and 11 cow tags annually. In the winter, the solitude and blue skies here have to be experienced to be believed, and snowmobiling or snowshoeing will access areas that very few humans ever get to see.

Long operated as a high-end fishing and hunting property, Brazos Lodge is already set up to cater to the most discerning of clients. A newly constructed lodge boasts eight suites, a large kitchen, and a very comfortable dining room and great room with fireplace. The lodge is complemented by several individual guest cabins as well. Other improvements include a ranch managers residence, a new shop and a network of 4WD and ATV roads to reach the far corners of this large property.

Located just south of the Colorado border, the ranch is approximately a 1.5-hour drive from historic Taos and its unsurpassed downhill skiing at Taos Valley. Taos offers a jet capable airport, as does Alamosa, Colorado, only a bit further away. If so inclined, a helicopter ride from either airport would be only about 15 minutes.

In short, there is no place else in New Mexico like Brazos River Lodge. In fact, there are very few places like it anywhere in the West. If youre looking for a true wilderness property with a first-class trout river running through the middle of it, look no further. Brazos Lodge may well be the quality fly fishing and hunting retreat that you thought had disappeared long ago.

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Elliott Land & Cattle
Three Rivers
,  9327
Tulare County
24,633.00 acres
One of the largest ranch property offerings available in California, Elliott Land and Cattle ranchlands stretch contiguously from the north fork of the Kaweah River westward through stunning scenery and mountainous grazing land to the rolling country of its western border along highway 245.
The sheer size of this Sierra foothills treasure with its diverse topography, great access, plentiful water and forage gives almost unlimited opportunity to create your dream of the perfect western cattle ranch. The ranch offers broad rolling oak woodland and grassland with elevations ranging from 4069 feet at Shadequarter Peak to 1000 feet around Cottonwood Creek. Abundant water throughout the ranch comes from year round and seasonal creeks as well as numerous springs, ponds and wells.
The East headquarters is located in Three Rivers and has a employee residence, horse and hay barns, a large shop, horse pastures, shaded pens and paddocks along with complete welded pipe working corrals. Welded pipe working corrals and a large hay storage barn are situated at Rancheria Canyon located at the mid way point across the property with convenient paved county road access.
The Cottonwood Creek headquarters has direct access to State Route 245
and features an employee residence, extensive working and shipping corrals, 200-ton hay storage barn and shop. Proximity to main roads as well as extensive level and gently rolling country make this the ideal site for the main ranch operations center.
The ranch has historically carried 1000 mother cows year round. The upper ranch country has traditionally carried cows and calves. The lower ranch that borders Highway 245 could be suitable for both stocker cattle, cow/calf use or even a horse operation. There is ample room for horse paddocks, smaller lots and pastures at both headquarter locations.
Ranch currently leases the North fork Kaweah BLM grazing allotment
(456 AUMs).
The ranch has a great history of successful hunting with an abundance of Deer, Wild Boar, and Black Bear. For the upland bird hunter there are ample opportunities for Dove, Quail, Turkey and Band Tailed Pigeon. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy over 2 miles of Kaweah River frontage as well as the incredible trout streams in nearby Sequoia National Park. NEARBY: Visalia offers fine dining, shopping and entertainment. The town
is a thriving example of a modern hub in a successful agricultural region.

The West headquarters of the ranch is locatedapproximately 31 minutes from Visalia Municipal Airport via State Route 245 and one hour to Fresno International, serviced by American, United, Delta and Alaska Airlines. Visalia Municipal Airport has a generous 6559 ft runway with both ILS and GPS approaches for all weather use, full FBO services including
24 hour fueling -Jet A and 100LL. The east side of the ranch is accessed by following state route 198 to Three Rivers and North Fork Drive (approx. 45 minutes from Visalia Municipal Airport).

Premier Listing

Fork Farm & Stables
Norwood NC  , Norwood
, 28128
Stanly County
1,406.00 acres
The Fork Farm is an exceptional sporting property and working farm located one-hour east of Charlotte, NC. The 1,406 acre farm is a very private landholding that sits at the end of a state-maintained road. It is flanked by the Rocky and Pee Dee Rivers, which join at the southern tip of the property to create the eponymous Fork.

A tribute to classic European field sport estates, The Forks multiple land uses and best-in-class components overlap effortlessly. No single pursuit defines the farm, although among the standouts are world-class equestrian facilities, highly productive quail and waterfowl programs, and multiple sporting clay and shooting courses. The quality of the operations and flexible land uses are a testament to the management and planning of the current ownership. In addition to its enviable sporting reputation, the farm has been routinely recognized for its outstanding conservation efforts. Extensive improvements are spread throughout the farm, including a main house, guest lodge, farm buildings, and phenomenal stable. The Fork proves the sum is greater than any one of its parts and represents a real estate offering of the highest caliber.

*Professional Photography by Deb Russell and Susan Watson

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Prairie Oaks Ranch - 4,530 acres
241 Pecan Road , Gallion
, 36742
Hale County
4,530.00 acres
Southern Hospitality Meets Western!
Exquisite on-going cattle ranch consisting of 4,540 acres +/-, 4 horse barns, 3 enclosed shops, 1 shavings barn, 3 equipment sheds, and 1 hay barn. All pastures equipped with well water and troughs. Miles of wood pasture fencing and wooden horse paddocks, riding ring, breaking pen, and 13 + miles of cleared riding rails along Big Prairie Creek with deer hunting shooting houses. Game plots and 1/4 mile clay race track with 4 legend race cars. Four stocked fishing lakes and 2 bridges crossing Big Praire Creek. Paved main entrance and service entrance with paved road continuing to the main shop area. Electronic main ornamental iron gate; service gate at the entrance.
The main house is a 5,000 +/- square foot custom built pine square log home by Hearthstone Homes (Tennessee). The house has a commercial grade metal roof, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths. Heart pine floors harvested from an old cotton gin in Georgia, Pecky Cypress board paneling, custom faux plaster walls, antique front door, custom handmade ironwork, custom handmade trim, travertine marble master bath with steam room shower. Custom kitchen cabinets with black marble tops. Triple garage with 3 storage rooms, yard sprinkler system alarm system, 2 fireplaces, built-in porch charcoal grill area. Custom oak plank-board floor in screened porch adjoining sun deck. Custom rosewood master bedroom office cabinets, large laundry room with office and custom distressed beadboard cabinets with marble tops. In addition to the main house, there is 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath guest house.
There are approximately 775 acres of mature hardwood timber. The cattle list consists of 550 head cross-bred cows, 40 head bulls (Hereford and Angus), 450 head calves and 40 head Brahma cows. The extensive equipment list is available upon request.
Call Bill Mackey for more details - 307-690-6879.