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Whether you are into horses for show, pleasure, or work, Oregon is a really cool place to live. Cool, not only in climate but as in awesome! There are a lot of horse lovers and owners in Oregon, and there's a lot of property perfect for you.

Temps & Terrain

Oregon is one of the coolest states in the country without being downright cold. Rarely does it actually get hot anywhere in the state. Located in the southwestern area of the state, the average annual high in Medford, one of Oregon's warmest locations, is 68 degrees. Wrapped in the Malheur National Forest, the coldest spot is the small town of Seneca, with average lows in the mid-20s. Seneca sits at an elevation of close to 4,700 feet above sea level.

Oregon is actually divided into eight different geographical regions from some of the rugged cliffs along the Pacific Ocean to the forested areas of the Klamath, Cascade, and Wallowa mountain ranges. Most all of Oregon makes for good horse country, whether you are a backyard hobbyist or a professional trainer.

Find a Dream Home for You and Your Horses

Away from the larger cities of Portland, Salem, and Eugene, and amongst Oregon's farms and timberland, the countryside is dotted with small equestrian properties. There are some exquisite homes out there with all the barn amenities one can imagine from roomy stalls to hot running water. There are also lush grazing pastures and trails galore. More economical properties can also be found with all the comforts for you, your horses, and a few other barnyard critters.

Private properties can range from a few acres to larger, often with ponds for the backyard fisherman, garden areas, and room for an apple orchard. You can sell your apples, raise a few cattle, or find another creative venture to bring in a little extra income.

Working Equine Ranches & Training Facilities

Oregon has long been appreciated as an equestrian's dream state, and among all of those smaller horse properties for sale, are larger, very cool professional facilities. For the breeder, barns are designed with foaling stalls and separate stallion facilities. Equipped with security cameras with access from the house or cell phone, you can monitor a mare due to foal, or a potential young champion.

Indoor or covered arenas allow trainers working days despite the weather, and larger properties allow for growing your own hay. All the while, you'll be enjoying the landscape and fabulous views of Oregon's countryside and mountain ranges. How cool is that?

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