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From the beaches to the mountains, there's a lot of horseback riding recreation in California. Horse property for sale here comes in almost any size, and almost anywhere, even within the City of Los Angeles, there is horse property, riding stables, and trails.

California's Diverse Terrain

California has some of the most diverse and unique geographies in the country. From falling below sea level at the Badwater Basin in Death Valley at 282' below sea level to its rising mountain tops with the highest being Mt. Whitney at 14,505' above sea level, California's horses, and mules travel most everywhere. Some of the state is lush with green timberland, other areas such as the fertile San Joaquin Valley feed the nation, and yet there is much desert land. And, almost everywhere there are horses, horse facilities, horse shows, rodeos, and other forms of equine recreation.

While it is true you are not going to look for equine property amongst the wetlands, which is a magnet for mosquitoes possibly carrying the West Nile Virus deadly to horses, you will find mules popular in the Mojave Desert area, and along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada where the infamous Mule Days Celebration is held annually in May.

California Equestrian Properties

Most anywhere they are trails for riding, there is horse property for sale in California. Along the Santa Monica Mountains, specifically toward the western end, it is a horseman's paradise. In the regions around Sacramento, larger equestrian facilities continue popping up, and there is plenty of land for the backyard horseman, who is looking to simply keep his family horses.

Business opportunities on acreage for the horseman are endless, too, including vacation lands for the equestrian, short- and long-term boarding, training and breeding facilities. Pastureland is more abundant in the higher precipitation areas, but horse barns and paddocks are almost everywhere.

For those looking for an equestrian property, you can find homesteads or farms with housing, barns, good wells, and more. Property that has already been utilized by horseman tends to have proper fencing with good private roadways even to some of the more desolate areas, designed for pulling trailers. And, of course, veterinarians specializing in equine medicine, and farriers are pretty plentiful throughout the state.

When looking for horse property in California or anywhere in the U.S. check out the diversity of land listings shared on Land Broker MLS. For those who have equestrian properties for sale and want to showcase them with Land Broker MLS' readership, contact us to learn about our co-op and the opportunities we have to offer you.

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