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The Romance and Mountains of Montana

If you're ready to move at a slower pace than the metropolises in other states, you may just want to consider Montana. Here people like their serenity and solitude. In order to have Big Sky, there has to be a lot of land. Montana is comprised of 147,000 acres populated by more cows than people. It is the fourth largest state in the U.S.

A lot of Montana is mountainous from which its name derives. But more of the state is actually located in the Great Plains. Montana averages a height at 3,400' above sea level. Its lowest point is 1,800' feet along part of the Kootenai River, while its high point is Granite Peak at nearly 13,000'.

The Romance of Montana

For those who weren't in love with this state before, the 1992 movie "A River Runs Through It" garnered it many more fans. Adapted from the autobiographical stories of Norman Maclean, when it played out on the Big Screen the country was romanced by the art of fly fishing and the waters of Montana.

The story is set in Missoula and along the Blackfoot River during the '20s and '30s through America's prohibition years. Yes, Missoula has grown, but Montanans like to think not by a lot. The population here is 73,000. Billings is the largest city in the state with a population of 110,000+. Helena, the state capital, has about 31,430 people. The entire state has just over one million residents, but there are 2.6 million cows.

Montana's Mountain Regions

One of Montana's nicknames is "Big Sky." The Native American ancestors called it "Land of the Shining Mountains" referring to the sun highlighting its snow-capped peaks. Those peaks lie in some 100 mountain ranges including the Washburn Range and the Red Mountains, which are contained within Yellowstone National Park.

The vast majority of those mountain ranges do have private land available. In each of the state's 56 counties, you'll find varying mountain ranges, each with their own features, yet similar in the amount of beauty and fresh air.

To the east near Billings, in Yellowstone County, are the Great Plains with a semi-arid climate. To the northwest lies Lincoln County, named after President Lincoln, which borders Canada. Here you'll find the Purcell Mountains and the Cabinet Mountain Range.

Remember with the Big Sky comes big land, and what may be a small parcel of land to a Montanan, may seem like a whole lot of land to someone else. One of our recent listings referred to 650 acres near Missoula as a "small" homestead! When you read small within Montana, you may want to think big, and when reading big, well, think even larger!

Recreational Land

Montanans love to fish. They also love to hunt. Both are permitted through most of the state with proper licensing. There are more types of fish than the fly fishing caught trout in the film. Anglers seek also seek out bass, whitefish, catfish, and sturgeon. A lot of Montana's fish hatch and grow up natural is its waters. Some others, such as Kokanee salmon are hatched in hatcheries managed by the state and then stocked into the rivers.

While not as large a destination for skiers as neighboring Utah and Colorado, Montana has its own desirable slopes as well as an abundance of cross-country skiing opportunities. Other related winter sports can also be found here including snowboarding and skating.

Available Land

With some 17.5 million acres in croplands and another 40 million for cattle ranching, agriculture comprises a lot of the Great Plains within the state. While there is quite a bit of Bureau of Land Management land here, there is also an abundance of privately-owned land as well. Family farms and large privately-owned acreage are always on the market. On the market, you will find affordable, entry-level homes and farms to some of the most luxurious country properties in the country.

If you are looking for that serenity and solitude Montana has to offer, take a look at the rural properties listed through LandBroker MLS. Outside of the vast land for cattle ranching, there are family farms, hobby farms, retreats, horse farms, mountain cabins with fishing streams, or simply just a place to sit and enjoy the wildlife.

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