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Lying just north of California, Oregon is a blend of its neighbor's geography with its seashores, mountain ranges, basins, and plateaus. Oregon averages comfortable temperatures year-round with an average elevation of 3,300' above sea level. There is an abundance of rainfall, with an average of 43 inches a year in its largest city of Portland. Here there is also a slight dusting of snow each year, an average of three inches, while much more can pile up higher in the mountains.

Oregon's Mountainous Regions

There are some 50 mountain regions in the state including the coastal range, the Cascade Mountains, and the Klamath Mountains. With that average of 3,300' elevation, when compared to many states all of Oregon could be considered mountainous. A large part of the tourism draw to the state are the mountains with winter skiing and other sports offered on Mt. Bachelor and Mount Hood, and water skiing and boating activities offered on many of the state's 1,400 or so lakes. Fishing, camping, and hiking are also popular activities in the mountains. The state sees a lot of hunting activity, too. And, there is a lot of fertile grazing area for cattle, and mountain trails for the equestrian.

Oregon Mountain Land for Sale

There's no doubt Oregon's mountain lands have a lot to offer for local residents and vacationers alike. The generally mild temperatures and beautiful plush, green surroundings make for inviting homesteads and vacation retreats. And, while people tend to move from one state to another, Oregon continues to see more movement into the state, rather than a decline of the population.

Still, there are a lot of Oregon mountain homes and cabins available on a continual basis. Whether looking for a smaller acreage plot for a vacation cabin, or a larger property for your own cattle operation, or ski chalet, search through the listings of the co-op members of Land Broker MLS. If you have properties up for sale and want to see them highlighted on the pages of Land Broker MLS, sign up with us todayand learn more about what our co-op has to offer you.

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