River Frontage Land for Sale in Texas

Riverfront properties in Texas offer a wide scope of possibilities. This land can be used for ranching, hunting, fishing, farming, recreation, equestrian properties, and residences.

Some properties cover thousands of acres, so they have the room to comfortably allow many different uses. The homes on these lots can be simple family homes or generously sized, luxurious lodges. You can find barns, corrals, workshops, and even a landing strip among these listings. The sizes of our river frontage land for sale in Texas mostly fall in the range of 200 acres to 1,000 acres, although there are plots as large as 97,000 acres and as small as just under four acres. The prices reflect that scope as well, running from $355,000 to $60 million.

Because these properties are found along the river, they combine the best of the rugged Texas country with the cooling presence of running water. The enormous size of Texas makes these sprawling properties possible, giving owners room to spread out and use their land in a number of ways. Whether someone is searching for a place with breathing room to put down roots, or they want to tackle the adventure of ranching, there is a property to meet their needs. These amazing riverfront properties in Texas are perfect for the family! Browse our collection here!

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