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Louisiana, she's known for her Cajun cooking and being the birthplace of jazz. Louisiana is also known for her southern charm, magnolia trees, and swamplands. Those swamps are home to some of the oldest cypress trees in the country, up to 1,500 years of age.

But, beyond the cypress and magnolias, Louisiana also maintains large forested areas of pines and hardwoods. In fact, 50 percent of it is made up of forest. That's close to 15 million acres. Some of the land, about nine or 10 percent, is owned by the state or federal government including the Kisatchie National Forest, comprised of a little more than 600,000 acres. And another 10 percent belongs to forest-products industries. But the remainder of this forested land belongs to private individuals.

Timberland and the Timber Industry

Trees and timber are Louisiana's number one crop. Lumbered in local mills, the state produces a lot of building materials and paper products. Studies from 2015 revealed seven million cords of timber harvested in that year.

In 2016, income from timber had risen from $463.7 million to $493.2 million for the state's timberland owners. It is important to have plantings keep up with harvesting, and there are several incentive programs for landowners to reforest, especially in hardwoods.

Louisiana Topography and Weather

Located along the Gulf Coast, Louisiana is a low-lying state. In fact, areas in and around New Orleans are below sea level. The tallest natural point in the state is Mt. Driskill at 535' above level.

Louisiana is divided up by parishes rather than counties, 64 of them. Originally owned by France and Spain, and influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, state boundaries were set up by church parishes. It is an important remembrance of the state's history and culture.

It is generally humid in the state because it rains four to six inches every month, year-round, averaging about 60 inches each year. Depending upon the area of the state, temperatures rarely dip below the 40s and generally reach the low-90s in the summertime.

Timberland and Logging Property

There are somewhere between 400-500 logging companies throughout Louisiana. Forested and timberland is available throughout much of the state in plots as small as a dozen or so acres up into one-hundred or two-hundred-acre parcels.

For some, privately-owned forestland is a home, for others an investment. Properties are available from undeveloped to those with a home and outbuildings already in place. These lands are a wonderful place to commune with nature and enjoy the wildlife. With so much water, there are ponds and streams often filled with catfish, frogs, and other critters. Hunting is permitted on much of the privately-owned timberland but check for any possible restrictions.

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