Timberland for Sale in Ohio

Timberland properties in Ohio have a multitude of uses beyond timber harvest. You'll find residential properties, hunting areas, and cattle ranches. There are many cleared areas for food plots or pasture. These timberland plots also have many recreational uses, with ideal areas for camping, hiking, ATV riding, and fishing in creeks and ponds. Some of these wooded properties have buildings, such as homes, barns, and hunting cabins, and there are some that include fenced pastures.

Wooded land for sale in Ohio can be as large as 473 acres or cover an area as small as three acres, but most of them fall in the 20- to 80-acre range. Prices range between $48,000 and $851,000, although the majority of the lots are priced between $400,000 and $100,000.

Timber land and Wooded land for sale in Ohio often includes a variety of trees that are valuable for harvest, including both hardwood and softwood. But while the wooded properties offer income from timber harvest, they are often valued as much for their hunting potential.

Ohio is swiftly becoming known as one of the best deer hunting states in the United States, because of strong hunting management practices and a prime habitat to support deer. The ecologically diverse timberland is a nurturing environment for a great deal of wildlife, including both deer and turkey. The soil is fertile, creating hearty food crops and grazing pasture.

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