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Timberland & Wooded Land for Sale in Wisconsin

Timberland properties in Wisconsin run the gamut from 39 acres of wetland that can't be built on, to hundreds of forested acres with luxurious homes. Lots that are perfect for developing include a small, half-acre lakefront lot or over 300 acres of untouched forested land. These properties have many uses, including timber harvest, farming, recreation, residential, and most of all, hunting. Browse our complete list of hunting land for sale in Wisconsin here!

The cost of these properties can be as low as $35,000, up to $1.8 million. The sizes are similarly diverse, from a half an acre up to 320 acres. Most plots fall in the 30 to the 100-acre range. The main draw of these properties is hunting, especially whitetail deer, but also ducks, geese, and turkey. Some also boast lakes, rivers, or ponds for fishing or swimming. The plentiful water and dense woodland of the area provide a lush habitat for many kinds of wildlife.

Wooded land for sale in Wisconsin offers many different potential sources of revenue, whether that's from harvesting timber, recreation, farming, or hunting tourism. Browse our collection of hunting land for sale in Wisconsin here! Beyond that, it's a beautiful area of the country, with rich ecological diversity and a blanket of green all summer long. Large lots are available, ensuring peace and privacy.

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