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Located north of Florida and south of Tennessee, between the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina, and Alabama, the state of Georgia measures nearly 60,000 square miles and its primary income is agriculture. It's a beautiful state with a diversity of land from the Chattahoochee National Forest in the north to its Golden Isles along the Atlantic.

Climate and Temps

If you like it warm, you'll like Georgia. In the north, the state capital of Atlanta has an annual average high temperature of 70 degrees with an average annual low of 52.5 degrees. It's wet, with 47 inches of rain during one-third of the year.

Down in Macon on the coast, however, 85 days a year it hits 90 degrees or more. It's the hottest city in the state and the 30th hottest city in the country. It sees a similar amount of rainfall to Atlanta.

Agriculture and the Economy

Georgia is known for its peaches, peanuts, and pecans. It's also a large producer of cotton, tobacco, soybeans, corn, and blueberries. There's a lot of poultry here producing eggs and broilers. Beef cattle, dairy products, and hogs are also important to the state. According to the University of Georgia, agriculture contributed $74.3 billion to the state's economy in 2014, and agriculture can be found, in some form, all around the state.

Fishing plays a small role in the state's economy and is primarily made up of shrimp and crab. The state's forests make up the second largest industry, contributing $23.6 billion annually.

The film industry has been a growing contributor to the state's economy with such major movies as Forrest Gump, Glory and Sweet Home Alabama all being filmed there.

Energy, the automobile industry, and tourism round off the top fields for state income. It should be noted that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, Delta Airlines' primary hub, is considered not only the busiest airport in the country, but in the world. More than 104 million passengers traveled through here in 2017, with some 1,000 flights per day.

Other Types of Land in Georgia

Beyond Georgia's agricultural land, the state has a lot of rural property, ranches, timberland, and fishing and hunting lands. There's a lot of cattle ranch, grazing land and timberland in Georgia. In fact, of the state's 37 million land acres, 24.8 million acres are comprised of forest land. More than 50 percent of it is privately owned.

For private and hobbyist interests, Georgia's rivers, which are many and include the Chattahoochee, Flint, Oconee, and Savannah, and lakes such as Oconee, Lanier, and Sinclair, are home to largemouth bass, walleye, bluegill, and rainbow trout. Popular in Georgia, hunting includes game such as hogs, deer, pheasant, and quail.

Georgia Acreage for Sale

Like the state as a whole, there is a diversity of land for sale throughout Georgia. Experts state that buying timberland is a good investment. One primary reason is that it continues to increase in assets all on its own. Georgia timberland is plentiful and available.

If you've got an interest in farming whether cattle ranching, raising trees, or tending row crops, there's plenty of agricultural land for sale throughout Georgia. Where depends upon where your interest lies. You can choose an area and adapt to what it offers, or choose a division of agriculture and let that dictate where you purchase your property. The choice is yours and endless with possibilities.

When looking for recreational land for a weekend getaway or a retirement cabin, there's an abundance of choices as well. Lake property, river property, wilderness property, it's all here in small Georgia lots for sale, or larger acreage for sale. Some properties already have a home or cabin, others are utility ready, but require for further development. Then, there's just totally raw land waiting to be your dream property.

If you are looking for any type of land for sale in Georgia, browse the many listings of Land Broker MLS. If you have Georgia land for sale and want to list it on Land Broker MLS, contact us today and let's get you started!

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