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Living in Alaska, it's not for everyone, but if you don't mind wearing snow boots most of the winter, can fall asleep in the summer while it's still light outside, and if you like a lot of fresh fish to dine on, it could be for you.

It's a bit larger than 663,000 square miles. You could fit Texas into it twice and still have a little more room, but there aren't very many people. Alaska’s population includes less than three-quarters of a million when compared to Texas' 28 million-plus or California's close to 40 million. If you enjoy the benefits of wilderness acreage, fewer neighbors, and gorgeous views, Alaska may be the state for you.

Alaska Tourism

Starting in mid-May, tourists start pouring into the state via plane, train, and ship. The tourist season lasts until mid-September in the southern region, but even earlier the farther north you go. Tourism brings $2.42 billion into the state coffers every year. It also represents 38,700 jobs, many of which are filled by college students and others seeking summer employment.

There are also opportunities for the landowner. You may find smaller lots of one acre or less for sale to larger acreage of 40 to 100 acres or more. If you buy, consider building rental cabins for temporary or permanent residents who want to live outside of the city. A bed and breakfast or a quaint Alaskan lodge that attracts the tourists may also be of interest. When looking for acreage for sale consider location first, if you wish to take part in the tourism trade.

Alaska Recreational Land

Alaskans and tourists alike enjoy the vast amount of recreational activities the 49th state has to offer. Skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, rock climbing, and zip lining are all major recreational activity components here. So are bird watching, fishing, and hunting.

If you are interested in catering to one or more of these activities, there's a lot of acreage for sale almost anywhere in the state where these sports can be enjoyed. Up near Denali National Park, the home of Mt. McKinley also known as Denali, there's plenty of space for winter sports. Fishing and hunting are also popular there. You may find a 40-acre parcel for under $3,000 per acre here.

Then again, there is fishing most anywhere in the state, with a lot of opportunity in the lower end of the state for freshwater and saltwater catches. In and around the Kenai Peninsula there are starter homes and luxury homes where you can find property of an acre or so with a home for under $200,000.

If you have a passion for fishing and want to share your knowledge with others, you may wish to purchase land with rivers running through it, or with lakes or ponds easily accessible. Build a lodge or several cabins and offer fishing tours and fishing derbies. Similarly, along the coast, you could add a boating service for fishing or tourism showing off the state's 100,000 glaciers and its sea life.

Fishing is also a large part of the Alaskan economy. Commercial fishing catch includes cod, flounder, Pollock, rockfish, and salmon. Crustaceans including Dungeness crab, king crab, scallops, shrimp, and snow crab are also important commodities. The industry employs about 29,000-30,000 fisherman, more than half of whom are Alaska residents, but many travel to the state during peak fishing time requiring seasonal housing and live elsewhere the remainder of the year.

Alaskan Mining and Agriculture

Some 85% of the state's income is from the oil industry, and oil makes up about 95% of Alaska's mining income.

Alaska isn't exactly known as being a high-production agricultural state, but only about one million of the state's 50 million acres suitable for farming are being utilized. There's a lot of farmland acreage for sale, some developed and some not, in parcels of 20, 40, or more acres. There are approximately 500 farms mostly located in the Matanuska Valley northeast of Anchorage. Included are local dairy farms, cattle ranches, and egg farms.

Also grown here are greenhouse and nursery products, hay, field crops, cabbage, and potatoes. While the annual growing time is short-lived, the length of daylight hours in the summer make for very large vegetables.

Alaska is full of wide-open spaces. The opportunities availed through Alaskan lots for sale or acreage for sale are only limited by one's imagination. Whether you are looking for investment property, a retirement home location, or a weekend retreat to get away from it all, Alaska's got land for you. Check out the variety of listings on the pages of Land Broker MLS.

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