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One of the 13 original colonies, Pennsylvania is best known for the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed, and the City of Steel, Pittsburgh, where hundreds of steel plants and businesses call home. But in between these large urban centers and other large cities, there is a lot of wide-open rural space in this state of just over 46,000 square miles.

Topography, Geography, and Weather

Pennsylvania's topography is diverse with mountainous terrain and vast amounts of farmland. This northeastern state is nestled between New York, New Jersey, and Ohio, as well as West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Sixty-three miles of the state's shoreline lays along Lake Erie. The capital is Harrisburg which sits alongside the Susquehanna, one of the state's many rivers. The population here is just over 49,000.

In general, Pennsylvania sees cold winters and warm, humid summers. Winter lows throughout most of the state range from the low 40s to below freezing during December and January, with summer seeing highs in the mid to high 80s in July. Along Lake Erie's shore, it can be colder where it isn't unheard of to see 100 inches of snowfall annually. The state more universally sees a couple of feet of snow each year and generally about 41 inches of rain.

Pennsylvania Agriculture and Mining

Nearly 60,000 farms cover 7,704,000 acres in the state. The average farm incorporates about 103 acres. Nearly 70% of this is for livestock which is comprised mostly of dairy cows. Pennsylvania is a leading dairy producer for the region with milk being its single most important crop.

There are quite a bit of nursery and greenhouse products grown here which make up about 9% of the state's total Agricultural income. Mushrooms are about 8% of that income, with grain corn, hay, and soybean rounding out the field. Some vegetables such as sweet corn, potatoes, and tomatoes are also grown, as are apples, grapes, and peaches.

Coal is an important commodity and this state is one of the leading producers of it in the country. Limestone is also mined here for use in cement.

Forests and Timberland

More than one-half of the state is covered in forestland primarily comprised of sugar maple, and white or red oak. While there is some land owned by the federal government, such as the Allegheny National Forest, much belongs to the state, just under one-third, but the majority of the forested land is privately owned. According to the Penn State Extension, one in eight households throughout the state owns forestland, generally in lot sizes of 17-21 acres.

Within state forested land and one's own private property, hunting for small and big game as well as waterfowl is allowed during the season. Deer hunting is most popular which assists in the control of the deer population. Wild turkey and grouse hunting is also popular.

With Lake Erie and an abundance of smaller lakes and ponds as well as rivers, Pennsylvania sportsmen enjoy fishing for trout, bass, and panfish. Attention must be paid to fishing regulations upon licensing as some lakes and some species are restricted to catch and release programs.

Pennsylvania Acreage for Sale

Pennsylvania has a lot to offer with a diversity of acreage for sale. Pennsylvania lots in the timber country are offered in 10, 15, 20, or larger parcels with cabins or pads available to build your own. If you want to share the beauty with others, you may want to consider creating a lodge and offering guided fishing or hunting trips.

If you have a propensity for, or experience in agriculture, there's a lot of Pennsylvania dairy and farmland acreage for sale complete with barns and homes. If you're not ready to move out of the Big City yet but want to make an investment, purchase land to lease out to other farmers.

If you are looking for a family farm or mountain retreat in the East, browse through the Pennsylvania land listings on Land Broker MLS. There's no more extensive listing service than ours. If you have your own acreage for sale, take a look around with the consideration of sharing your listing here. Contact Land Broker MLS and let's get you started today!

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