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For those who don't live in Colorado, you may only think of its Mile High City and or as America's winter playground, but a lot of Colorado is actually quite different from its Rocky Mountains. Yes, 24.5 million acres of the state are forested, but that's less than half of its 66.7 million acres.

Geography, Topography, and Geology

You may find your Colorado dream property in its high desert, canyons, and mesas leading to the Great Plains which take up the eastern part of the state. The Plains are relatively flat but at an altitude of 5,000 – 6,000' above sea level, and that is at the base of where the Rocky Mountains begin. The mean elevation of Colorado is actually at 6,811', that's about 600' higher than Denver. From there on up, the more rugged mountain terrain begins.

Mesa Verde National Park in the southwest area of the state pays homage to Colorado's Native Pueblo people by preserving 600 cliff dwellings among its 5,000 archeological sites. Moving further east to the south-central area of the state is Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Here you'll find the tallest dunes in the country surrounded by grasslands, wetlands, and forests.

Colorado Mining & Farming

Colorado's history shows prominence in fur trapping, but there was gold found here, too, and still is today. The state's chief mined products, however, are oil, coal, and natural gas.

Nearly half of Colorado's acreage is farm and ranch land. Agriculture and agribusiness contribute $40 billion to the state's economy annually. The farmland is to the east along the Plains with cattle representing about three-quarters of the state's agriculture. You can find Colorado ranch land for sale in varying amounts up to hundreds of acres, some with homes already built, others ready for you to build your own dream home overlooking your own cattle herd.

Field crops and grain corn are raised as well as beans, potatoes, and sugar beets. Apple orchards can be seen hugging the hillsides.

Recreation, Sports, and Tourism

Colorado is an obvious winter sports destination with some of the best downhill skiing areas in the country. Snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and other snow-related sports are the largest draw of tourism to the state.

With all that snow, there's a lot that melts come the warmer months making the state rich with waterways, lakes, and ponds. It's a fisherman's paradise with various species of trout, Largemouth Bass, pike, and Kokanee Salmon. Private communities with plenty of acreage offer secluded getaways with some of this premier fishing. Hunters love it too with wildlife of elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, moose, and smaller game.

If you are on the market for some investment acreage for sale, Colorado has plenty of opportunities. From smaller acre lots for sale to larger properties of 100 acres or more, there is a lot of diversity here. Property is available in the Plains or in the mountains, near tourist areas, the suburbs of the state's larger cities, or in remote, secluded areas with very little traffic.

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