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Florida's land is diverse. No, you're not going to find high mountains there, but along with its sandy beaches and wetland habitats, you can also find some great farming land, grazing land, and more. Perhaps some of the advantageous land opportunities today for investment acreage for sale in Florida is that which is zoned for future development.

Florida Lots for Sale

Florida's urban areas are expanding from Orlando down to Miami, over to Tampa and in the panhandle including Tallahassee. We are seeing more development, more businesses, and more homes. The outlying areas for any of the citified areas are great locations to invest in vacant land, which in a few years maybe prime development land. It doesn't take a lot of territory, 10 acres, 20, or more, has quite a bit of potential down the road.

Agriculture and Ranching

Florida citrus is well-known throughout the country utilized for producing orange juice, and other orange-related products. A variety of vegetables are grown here as well as other fruits, such as watermelon and strawberries. There's a total of close to 10 million acres used for agriculture with the average farm size about 200 acres. Cattle ranching is also big up and down the state. Because of the abundance of rainfall coupled with good soil, nature provides good grazing land here. The state is also well-known for its equestrian centers. Some areas have small acre lots in Florida, perfect for the equine-hobbyist. Florida is home to nearly 300,000 horses, representing almost every breed, with their owners involved in showing and various other forms of recreation. Properties available here come in a wide variety of sizes and development with proper fencing for horses, or cattle ranching, barns, paddocks, pastures, and homes.

Other Recreational Property

Besides the rather obvious, ocean-related recreation, there is also freshwater fishing, water-skiing, and other activities, and an abundant hunting population for the variety of game available here. Again, just where in the state is really your choice, because recreational acreage for sale in Florida is most anywhere in the state. Do you have Florida acreage for sale and want to see it listed on Land Broker MLS? Contact us today to learn how the Land Broker MLS co-op works, and what it can offer you.

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