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Georgia is friendly to beef cattle ranchers. It's estimated that approximately 76 million Americans regularly consume beef, and a great deal of that beef is raised in Georgia. Cattle are found in all of Georgia's 159 counties. Preferred beef cattle breeds in the state are Angus, Simmental, and Charolais, as well as many crossbreeds. During 2014, the estimated worth of Georgia's beef industry was $2 billion. Georgia counts beef cattle as that state's sixth largest cash crop.

Types of Cattle Ranches in Georgia

Historically, Georgia cattle ranchers used to breed cattle and shipped the weanling calves out west to the big stockyards where they were fattened up before they were slaughtered. While some Georgia ranchers still prefer this type of cattle operation, many have adapted their practices and now have a breeding through finishing operation. At this time, an estimated 71 percent of Georgia's cattle ranchers raise calves which they sell to a facility that works on getting them up to market weight. The beef producers, who sell their young stock, usually haul their cattle to local livestock sales. It's estimated that 95% of the club calves (weanlings and young yearlings) are hauled to Midwestern facilities where they're allowed to grow until they reach optimal slaughter weight.

While there are some large cattle ranches that run more than a hundred cattle at a time, the larger cattle ranches are not normal in the state. 87% of the state's cattle ranchers report that their operation contains no more than 100 head of cattle. Stockers who purchase club calves, and feed them until they're ready to be slaughter, make up 8% of Georgia's beef producers. There is no data available about the number of Georgia residents who raise one or two beef steers in their backyard as 4-H projects and for their personal freezer.

According to the Georgia Cattlemen's Association, most of the organization's members own cattle ranches that consist of 447 acres of land which is used to raise about 123 head of cattle.

Advantages of Raising Cattle in Georgia

There are lots of compelling reasons to establish a beef cattle ranch in Georgia, with the two most compelling reasons being the temperate climate and close location to multiple population hubs.

Georgia enjoys a long growing season and a short, mild winter, which makes raising beef cattle easier than in other parts of the United States. The mild winter means Georgia's cattle ranchers don't have to worry as much about stocking up on enough feed to get their herd through the winter. Not having to put up as much hay in the winter, allows each rancher to devote the bulk of their land to cattle pastures.

Georgia is close to several population hubs, which allows the state's cattle ranchers to easily ship beef into the big cities. The decreased shipping distance significantly reduces the ranchers overhead, which leads to higher profits. With more communities developing a farmers market and taking an interest in purchasing beef directly from the rancher, a new avenue for making money has opened up to many Georgia cattle ranchers.

Choosing the Ideal Georgia Cattle Ranch

The main concern for choosing a Georgia cattle ranch is making sure there is enough land to maintain the desired number of cattle. The richer the soil and better the grass, the more cattle you can graze per acre. If you plan on raising grain-fed cattle instead of grass-fed, you'll need a ranch that has adequate acreage for growing corn, and also has a good storage facility for the grain.

Due to the temperate climate, Georgia's beef cattle population seldom has to be brought into barns for a sustained period of time, however during the summer months, it's important that the cattle have a nice shady area where they can get out of the sun and heat. The cattle ranch needs to have enough shelter for the rancher to stall animals that are sick, injured, or in quarantine before they're introduced to the rest of the herd.

The best soil for raising beef cattle is loamy soil that drains well. Cattle should not be encouraged to stand for long periods of time in areas that don't drain well, as this not only causes topsoil erosion, but can also result in serious hoof problems.

Georgia's Master Cattlemen's Program

The Master Cattlemen's Program is a wonderful educational opportunity for anyone who is currently raising beef in Georgia or anyone who would like the purchase a Georgia cattle ranch. In exchange for giving up just one night a week for eight weeks, participants learn how to handle a variety of issues that Georgia cattle ranchers deal with on a regular basis, including:

  • Agro-terrorism
  • Herd health issues
  • Georgia beef cattle economics
  • Nutrition
  • Best facilities
  • Reproduction
  • Recordkeeping
  • Marketing

The Master Cattlemen's Program is offered through the Georgia Cooperative Extension Program. Additional information can be found at each county’s Extension office.

Opportunities for Georgia Cattlewomen

Women who love raising beef cattle are well received in Georgia. Not only is Georgia the home to an active chapter of the National Women In Agriculture Association (NWIAA,) women beef cattle ranchers are invited to join the Georgia Cattlewoman's Association. Both organizations are valuable resources and present unique opportunities to Georgia's female farmers.

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