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What does Cattle Ranching Mean to Nebraska?

Cows and calves are the state's biggest agricultural commodity being more than one-half of the state's agricultural production. Beef production generates about $7.2 billion into the state's economy.

Corn is the number one crop raised in the state and gives it the nickname of the Cornhusker State. When locally-raised corn is fed to the some of the state's ranch cattle it makes for some of the most popular corn-fed beef in demand throughout the country and other parts of the world. Corn-fed beef is also said to be some of the most tender.

In short, without corn and cows, Nebraska's economy would definitely be in trouble.

Nebraska Geography and Climate

Most of Nebraska is made up of prairie land with more than two-thirds of the state being located in the middle of the Great Plains. Much of the eastern part of the state, along the border with Iowa, sits below 1,000' above sea level. As you travel westward, the elevation rises up to 5,400' in Kimball County, located on the Wyoming border and sitting atop of Colorado.

While it gently slopes upward from east to west, Nebraska land isn't only flat. There are some gently rolling hills, but no truly high mountainous regions. Annual rainfall averages about 30 inches per year spread out over nearly 100 days. Winters see between 25 and 40 inches of snow. Combined with relatively mild temperatures in the summer, this makes for prime cattle raising temperatures.

The rapid snowmelt along with heavy spring rains are what played havoc in the state in the spring of 2019 and cause the worst flooding in at least half a century. But, the cattle losses weren't as high as initially thought. News reports at the time were estimating upward of one-million calves lost. And while the totals were not yet completed at the time of this writing, officials now estimated losses to be significantly lower.

Cattle Ranching Land Available

As is true for most of the country, most cattle ranches in Nebraska are family-owned. Properties available can be found from 100 acres on up toward 1,000 acres or more. Much of this is good pasture land, rich with native grasses. Properties range from $875 per acre up to $3,200 per acres for small and large properties. Location and property development play into the price.

Many ranches may have lakes, ponds, and creeks running through them. Some properties are undeveloped with only cattle fencing and water rights, but also lots of potential. Others are elaborate with a family home, barns, corrals, wells, and irrigation for planting crops of corn, wheat, alfalfa, and more.

Other Land Uses

While the primary function for most of these ranching properties is raising cattle, other farming can be done including raising grains, hay, and other crops as previously mentioned. Horses are popular in Nebraska, and equine farms are big, raising top ranch and show horses, as well as the larger draft breeds.

Other land use includes hunting and fishing, and other sporting activities which include camping, boating, hiking, rafting, and biking. Agritourism is growing in the state, appealing for family outings.

For the cattle rancher, much of Nebraska is prime territory to run a herd. There's land for sale in many of the 93 counties around the state from its largest county, Cherry, in the north-central part of the state, to Kimball in the southwestern corner, and Sarpy, the smallest county, lying on the eastern border with Iowa. Each county and area has its own appeal. Take a look around the listings on the Land Broker MLS site to explore where you might enjoy living and see what's available.

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