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New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, is the fifth largest state in the Union. The state has some 43 million acres of farmland, in which much of the growing season is short with only 60 growing days in the northern part of the state. Its climate and land are diverse because of its size stretching from the more mountainous regions of its north to the low, hot desert of its southern area bordering Mexico and Texas.

This diversity, however, lends itself to good grazing lands. According to Celebrating New Mexico Statehood, "An 1876 Senate report supporting New Mexico statehood declared that 'As a grazing and stock country it is unsurpassed, the grasses being very nutritious and the climate mild.”

Geography and Climate

Northern New Mexico is heavily forested with a lot of mountain wilderness. It's highest point, Wheeler Peak north of Taos, rises to 13,167 feet above sea level. The state capital of Santa Fe rests at nearly 7,200 feet and Albuquerque at 5,300 feet. But to the south, the land changes to high desert with Las Cruces down near the border of Texas and Mexico at 3,900 feet.

While the average high temperature for all of New Mexico is 65 degrees, the central and upper parts of the state around Albuquerque dip down into the 20's in December and January and can climb up to 90 degrees in July. To the south around Las Cruces, the temperature rarely goes below freezing and it sees summer nearing or clearing the century mark.

New Mexico's Cattle Ranches

New Mexico has an estimated 1.3 – 1.5 million cows with about 10,000 ranchers or dairymen raising them on their family farms. Those family ranches are generally large in scale, often in the 1,000-acre range, although some smaller ranch lands are generally available. Considering the state's vast size of nearly 122,000 square miles and only one city with a population higher than 100,000, that being Albuquerque with 546,000 people, it's not surprising there are large land plots outside of the urban areas, much of which has good grazing land.

It's not all cattle. Sheep and goats are important grazing animals here as well and with a much longer history. But cattle has become the state's number one cash commodity with more than $1.75 billion brought in each year.

Grazing, Ranching & Dairy Properties Available

Up and down the state ranching land can range from as low as $400 per acre to $2,100 acre from undeveloped land to property with a house, barn, and other outbuildings. You will find cattle fencing on most grazing lands.

Along with cattle ranching, New Mexico also has a dairy farming industry with about 150 dairies, including a dozen or so goat dairies. May are located close to the southern border, and along the I-10 corridor from El Paso, Texas to Las Cruces. There are times you may find a dairy property for sale. These are generally smaller acreage plots, in the 100-acre range, that are fully equipped with cow barns, milk barns, and housing, and some may even have stock for sale too.

Multi-use Properties

Because of the vastness of the land, the large acre owners can afford a multitude of uses beyond cattle grazing. Horse ranching is big here too, and the possibility of building a dude ranch appealing to the tourist trade is of consideration, if you are so inclined to be a host.

Much of New Mexico's land is also zoned for hunting, offering another option for the tourism, or simply to open up for the locals. To the north and in the more mountainous region, various winter sports may also appeal. There are some ranchland areas with good mining possibilities too, be it sand and gravel quarries, or minerals such as copper, silver, and gold.

When looking for cattle ranch land for sale in New Mexico you can consider anywhere throughout most of the state. Good natural grazing land is key along with good water sources. Here, the acreage is reasonably priced and the views are magnificent. Check out the various listings on shown on the Land Broker MLS site.

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