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Cattle Ranching Land for Sale in Wyoming

There's a lot of land in Wyoming and a lot of cattle. For every human in the state

Eighty percent of Wyoming's ranches are privately or family-owned. Parcels for grazing average between 50-200 acres, while there are also many properties with 2,000 acres or more. Some of this land is for sale in Wyoming and waiting for you.

Do You Want to be a Cattle Rancher?

While many of the state's cattle ranchers are over 50 years old, and some well into their 70's, there isn't any reason for younger generations not to jump right in. Not all cattle ranch property owners have a cattle ranch business, you can simply be a landowner and lease out part of your land, or you can hire a ranch manager for your own cattle ranch business. Perhaps you are interested in investing in and developing a get-away home location, while still working and living in a city environment. That can work, too.

A 2016 article in Beef Magazine tells the story of a young college grad, who started his cattle business with a pick-up, stock trailer, a good work ethic, and a strong desire to ranch. Upon his graduation, Sage Askin participated in the Wyoming Agricultural Ownership Network, which partners young aspiring ranchers with older, experienced ones, according to the article.

Using his pick-up and trailer as collateral, Askin opened a line of credit and developed a business plan. He leased 26,000-acres of Wyoming land and took in 2,000 yearlings. He soon took on more land and more cattle. He also added some sheep. The article is summed up with Askin attributing his willingness to take on larger herd numbers, as well as his growing positive reputation, as keys to his success.

Rancher Aid, Water, and Feed

Potential Wyoming ranchers have a lot of resources available to help them begin and progress in the cattle industry. The University of Wyoming Extension's Ranch Tools website provides information on budgeting, as well as cattle ranching specifics on valuation, culling, genetics, market comparisons, and stocking tools.

Nearly 30.4 million acres of Wyoming land is used for farming and ranching, with some 42% privately owned. The state averages close to 100 days of rainfall, although the amount of rain and snow can vary greatly depending on the area of the state. Sheridan, to the north, receives approximately 15 inches of rain and 71 inches of snow. Cheyenne, in the southern part of the state, receives about 59 inches of snow, and the centrally located city of Casper receives some 73 inches of snow each year. All of this makes for a good water supply for cattle to drink and the grazing land they feed upon. Wyoming farmers also grow a lot of hay and grain, available as supplemental feed.

What Wyoming Has to Offer

Wyoming is a state with a lot of land and little pollution. It is considered an affordable state to live in considering its 4 percent sales tax, and as of 2018, it has eliminated its state income tax. The "Great Outdoors" offers an abundance of fishing and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Wyoming features one of the most famous National Parks, Yellowstone, and its Old Faithful geyser.

When looking for cattle ranches and other land for sale in Wyoming, feel free to browse the variety of offerings listed through Land Broker MLS. Acreage for Wyoming cattle ranches vary by region and development and are offered for as low as $1,000/acre. You will find some properties neighbored by the State of Wyoming or the Bureau of Land Management lands, with additional acreage available for grazing lease by those agencies. Some properties for sale have one or multiple residences already built, others have little to no development. Most have fenced grazing acreage.

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