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Houses for Sale in Alaska

When looking for a home in Alaska, you have the option of leaving the clutter of urban life behind and surrounding yourself with the wilderness. However, that isn't the only choice available, because there are also Alaskan homes to be found in neighborhoods. There are houses on small lots, with amenities such as a clubhouse and lake access. On the other end of the spectrum, you'll find properties with a home that is set within tens of acres, with room for hunting, equestrian facilities, and gardening, complete with greenhouse. Additionally, we have listings for beautiful Alaska cabins for sale. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Find some of the best houses for sale in Alaska here at Land Broker Co-op!

As you'd expect, the lot sizes vary depending on how rural or urban they are. In more densely populated areas there are houses on lots that are roughly a quarter of an acre, while rural properties can be as large as 80 acres. The prices usually fall between $190,000 and $400,000.

Alaska is a state like no other in the United States. Although it can be a rugged and challenging land, its beauty is unmatched. There is so much unspoiled natural space that the wildlife is plentiful. Even in urban areas, it isn't unusual to see wild animals such as moose and bears. For those who prefer the solitude and serenity of life away from development, this large and beautiful state has extraordinary amounts of space to spread out and breathe. Remote land for sale in Alaska can be hard to find. At Land Broker Co-op, we make it easy! Browse our listings above for the perfect property today.

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