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The State of Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies and it is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. It is nearly 60,000 square miles, but when you get outside the cities of Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Athens each with populations over 100,000, you will find small towns and a lot of rural property owned by the private sector.

Topography & Weather

Georgia borders several eastern and southern states as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Its highest point is 4,784 feet above sea level at Brasstown Bald, also commonly known as Mount Etowah, a part of the Southern Appalachians. To the southwest, the East Gulf Coastal Plain covers about one-quarter of the state, while about 67 percent of the state is forested.

Mild winters and humid, hot summers are characteristic throughout much of the state. There is an average of about 50 inches of rain each year, with most of the state seeing some rainfall year-round.

Land for Recreational Use

Georgia has more than 350 species of birds which either live here or migrate through, making it a great state for bird watching. It is also home to 65 threatened or endangered animals and plants.

But outside of those protected species, hunting and fishing are popular in Georgia where there is an abundance of waterfowl and wild turkeys. Deer, squirrel, and hogs are also available to hunt. The rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds have a variety of bass, catfish, trout, and more.

There is a lot of private recreational land for sale in Georgia, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. Smaller acreage plots of land from a few acres to 50 or more, make perfect weekend and holiday homesteads. Some may have a cabin, others may be more barren, giving you the opportunity to design your own cabin or home. It doesn't take much to develop your rural property functionality. With electrical access and a well, you can hook up your own RV, too.

Larger Income Properties Available

If you are looking for an investment or income property, there are also larger hunting and fishing properties in Georgia available. Here you could develop an inn, or bed and breakfast, for visitors with an opportunity for them to enjoy the forest and view the wildlife. Or, if you enjoy hunting and fishing yourself, build a lodge or some cabins and offer annual memberships.

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