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Boone Pickens' Mesa Vista Ranch: Over 100 Square Miles of Prime Eastern Texas Panhandle Ranch with Outstanding Improvements
, 79065
Roberts County
64,809.00 acres
With the recent passing of Boone Pickens, the listing price of the Mesa Vista Ranch has been reduced from the original price of $250,000,000 to $220,000,000.

LOCATION: The Mesa Vista Ranch is located in Roberts County in the Eastern Texas Panhandle. The ranch is located about 30 miles north of Pampa, Texas, and approximately 85 miles northeast of Amarillo.

ACRES: 64,809 +/- Acres

HISTORY: In 1971, Boone purchased approximately 2,900 acres along the south side of the Canadian River in Roberts County, Texas.

Over the years, Boone began to assemble additional adjoining land positioned along the Canadian River corridor, and today the Mesa Vista Ranch comprises over 100 square miles of prime Eastern Texas Panhandle ranch land.

As Boone's assemblage continued, he spent millions and millions of dollars to make Mesa Vista one of the best improved ranches in the United States. He used cutting edge conservation practices to enhance the wildlife on the property.

Today Boone proudly boasts that the Mesa Vista Ranch is, "the world's best quail hunting."

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: As Boone expanded his holdings, his focus always remained centered along the Canadian River. Today, the Mesa Vista Ranch stretches approximately 25 miles along the south side of the Canadian River. This lush river bottom land creates the centerpiece for the property, but the ranch features an unmatched variety of land types ranging from rolling sand hills to elevated ridges, mesa points and gently rolling, open prairie lands. The river bottom and numerous major drainages support abundant massive cottonwood trees, as well as willows, hackberry trees and others. Much of the river bottom is sub-irrigated and suitable for native hay production. Live spring water is found throughout several of the major drainages.

In an effort to enhance wildlife on the property, over the years, Boone has been a leader in conservation practices that are now followed by many other sportsmen in the country. As a testament to Boone's conservation efforts, in 2008 he was named the recipient of the prestigious Park Cities Quail Unlimited Lifetime Sportsman Award.

Boone maintains a small cow herd on the ranch, 400-500 cows Boone has placed over 1,000 quail feeders and numerous deer feeders on the ranch. He has created a number of food plot areas and added a network of buried waterlines with small water outlets to create wet areas for quail.

LODGE COMPOUND: The Lodge, along with multiple support structures is located in a manicured, tree covered "park-like" setting. It is common to view whitetail deer and turkey in the mornings and afternoons, with turkey roosting in the trees in the late evening. This Lodge Compound has been the major gathering area for Boone's family and guests over the years. It has served an important role as a place where corporate heads have met to discuss and craft multi-million-dollar business transactions, politicians and large donors have gathered for political events. Few if any facilities can match the beauty of the Lodge Compound.

Initial construction on the Lodge began in 1988, with numerous updates and additions added over the years. Presently, the Lodge itself comprises in excess of 25,000 square feet with an additional approximately 10,000 square feet of porches and patio areas.

Surrounding the Lodge is significant landscaping, in-ground sprinkler systems, and underground electrical service. Adding to the ambiance of the Lodge are numerous bronze sculptures tastefully positioned on the grounds. In addition to the Lodge and support structures, the compound features a lighted tennis court, a skeet/trap range, and a small golf course with two fairways and greens and nine tee boxes.

The Family House, which was completed in 2009, is located west of the Main Lodge. This house is a two-story with a third floor lounging and viewing room. The Family House contains over 6,000 square feet of living area and approximately 2,500 square feet of porches and patios.

The Pub is located north of the Family House and is a two-story structure containing approximately 2,250 square feet of air-conditioned area.

The Gun Room is a freestanding, single-story structure containing over 400 square feet. This building was constructed in 2005 and features a lounge area, bathroom, and kitchenette.

The Gate House, adjacent to the golf course, is a single family, two-story residence with partial basement. This house has approximately 2,300 square feet of living area, an attached two-car garage, and a deck area.

In 2007 Boone constructed a charming Chapel located on the north end of the Lodge Compound area. This chapel is situated along the banks of a flowing creek and lake area. Adjacent to the Chapel is the Memory Garden, which was constructed in 2014. There are pergolas and a beautiful stair-cased waterfall feature behind the structure.

In addition to the above, the Lodge Compound includes other support structures such as storage buildings and the Hilltop House, which is a children's play house. Overall, the Lodge Compound area is the most user-friendly facility on the ranch. It is designed to house large groups for entertaining or business functions.

LAKE HOUSE: Boone's Lake House has been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine and Cowboys and Indians Magazine. The Lake House contains approximately 11,500 square feet of living area and over 3,800 square feet of porches and patios. The front entry door was originally the front door to Bing Crosby's home.

The upper level of the home features a large living/great room with fireplace, dining area, master bedroom and bath, 1 1/2 bathrooms, kitchen, utility room, and elevator. A spiral staircase with stone imported from France leads to the lower level where there are two guest bedrooms, three bathrooms, wine cellar and tasting room, office, exercise room, utility room, cedar closet, mechanical room, and storm/safe room.

Outdoor balcony railings are bronze and all balconies and porch areas overlook astonishing water features, such as lakes, ponds, waterfalls, and aqueducts. The landscaping, topography features, and water enhancements make the Lake House truly "fit for a king."

AIRPORT AND HANGAR: The airport is located on the western portion of the ranch. The runway is approximately 6,000 feet long and 100 feet wide. The airport facility was designed and built with FAA approval and meets all of their requirements and regulations.

Approach lights are installed along the runway. The runway itself is constructed of one-foot thick concrete. This airport runway is designed to handle most any size private aircraft.

Adjacent to the runway is a 52,600-square foot concrete tarmac, which connects the airport to the hangar. The hangar facility contains approximately 25,000 square feet with epoxy coated concrete floor. It features a heated electric hangar door opening system, an attractive lounge and restroom area downstairs and a two-bedroom, two-bathroom pilot's apartment upstairs.

The entire airport complex is located within an 8-foot-high game fence constructed of 2 1/2 inch steel posts with heavy gauge net wire. In addition, the facility is equipped with a standby 350KW generator system for auxiliary power.

DOG KENNEL: The Dog Kennel is located east of the Lodge complex, between the Lodge and the highway. The Kennel contains approximately 11,000 square feet of usable kennel area, with approximately 3,600 feet being enclosed and air conditioned. There are 40 chain-link dog pens, 20 on each side of a concrete center alleyway.

The Kennel is equipped with full office facilities, a large meat processing-center. The facility includes a veterinary lab, upper level storage, overhead crane and bathroom.

WATER FEATURES: The Canadian River itself generally forms the north boundary of the ranch for a distance of approximately 25 miles. This river bottom is wide and fertile with a shallow water table. In some areas, standing pockets of water are common and portions of the river bottom are sub-irrigated. In the early 2000's Boone began a massive water enhancement project, likely never before conceived or duplicated by a private citizen. By dredging and building a chain of dams, waterfalls, lakes, and other water enhancements, Boone created possibly the largest individual water park ever envisioned. In addition to the countless lakes and ponds, he created a flowing, man-made creek called "Boone's Creek," which basically parallels the Canadian River. By dredging into the standing water table in the Canadian River bottom, this creek was formed. Boone, however, was not satisfied with standing water in the creek and wanted ever flowing running water throughout the creek bottom. With the use of well water injected into the creek, Boone's Creek flows several thousand gallons per minute throughout this stretch of roughly 12 miles of creeks, lakes, waterfalls and ponds, all of which are man-made. With a system of pumps and pipelines, much of this water can be recirculated and used over and over. Without question, Boone has created an unmatched oasis in the Texas Panhandle.

WILDLIFE: The Mesa Vista Ranch supports a variety of wildlife. Whitetail deer thrive in the productive creek bottom areas and mule deer are found throughout the sandhills, broken ridges, and mesa points on the southeast side of the ranch. Aoudad are also viewed from time to time in this rougher portion of the property. Antelope are found on the open plains country on the southwest side of the ranch. Besides quail, dove are also abundant and water fowl are seasonally present on many of the lakes. Hundreds and hundreds of turkeys are common throughout the tree-covered bottom lands. Most all of the lakes have been stocked with a variety of fish, and fishing is reported to be excellent.

The southern portion of the Mesa Vista Ranch is improved with pivot sprinkler systems and irrigation wells. Portions of this land are planted in a combination of wheat and millet, providing outstanding habitat for pheasant. All in all, with the water features, varying terrain, and conservation measures in place on the Mesa Vista Ranch, it would be hard to find a better recreational property in this area of Texas.

RANCH RESOURCES: Roberts County is known to have prolific saturated thickness of quality Ogallala ground water, along with substantial oil and gas resources.

The Mesa Vista Ranch is located in an area of prolific quality ground water, being in the Ogallala Water Formation. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of acres of water rights have been sold in Roberts County for municipal water purposes. Recent commercial water sales in the area indicate that water rights have a commercial value in the range of $400 - $500 per acre.

As previously discussed, Boone acquired the Mesa Vista Ranch in a series of purchases over the years. Boone obtained water rights in the earlier purchases, but in more recent years, as he acquired adjoining land, the commercial water rights were already sold, due to their commercial value. Overall, Boone owns approximately 42,000 acres of water rights, which will convey with the sale. This is considered to be an extremely valuable asset.

In addition to this water resource, minerals are also considered to be a valuable resource in Roberts County. Like the water, Boone obtained a portion of the minerals on the earlier land purchases, but as he expanded to the east and west in more recent years, he was unable to obtain minerals with these acquisitions.

There is scattered oil and gas activity on the Mesa Vista Ranch. All of Boone's owned mineral interests will convey. In 2015, Boone's oil and gas royalty income totaled approximately $2,560,000. In 2016, with oil and gas prices declining, the total royalty income dropped to approximately $771,000. For the first nine months of 2017 the royalty income is approximately $541,000. Again, all owned water rights, all owned mineral rights, and royalty will convey with the property.

There are a number of large, operating wind farms located in the Texas Panhandle. All wind generation royalty rights are also included.

PRICE AND REMARKS: The Boone Pickens' Mesa Vista Ranch is offered for sale at a price of $220,000,000. It seems impossible to comprehend all of the improvements made to this property, whether it is structural improvements, water enhancements, landscaping, wildlife conservation features, or others. As example, thousands of tons of landscaping rock, trees, shrubbery, plants, etc. were imported to the property over the years. Early on, Boone hired Tommy Ford, an architect from Dallas, Texas, to help in the planning, drafting, and construction of the many improvements placed on the ranch. Together, Boone and Tommy had the vision to take raw ranch land and transform this property into what now represents Mesa Vista Ranch.

In a recent conversation with Tommy Ford, he estimated that the total volume of building materials, landscaping rocks, trees, and other enhancements delivered to the ranch would exceed 120 trains, with each train load containing 110 cars of materials. Having overseen most all of the major structural construction on the property, Tommy estimated replacement cost of over $140,000,000, not counting the added cost of dredging and developing the lakes and creek water systems on the property.

To our knowledge, no other ranch can replicate Boone's Mesa Vista Ranch. He has spent nearly 50 years transforming this Texas Panhandle Ranch into a wildlife paradise with spectacular water features and improvements fit for a king. The sale of the Mesa Vista Ranch is basically "turn key," including all rolling stock, equipment, pick-up trucks, hunting vehicles, farming equipment, furnishings, bird dogs, etc. The only exclusions are Boone's personal effects, livestock, and his vast art collection. The livestock are available to be purchased separately, as is the majority of the art collection.

"You do everything to make the land perfect, hoping the next owner has the same passion." - T. Boone Pickens

Qualified buyers can schedule a showing of the property by contacting the Brokers.

Offered Jointly and Exclusively By Chas. S. Middleton and Son and Hall and Hall

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9291 Point Cypress Dr , Orlando
, 32836
Orange County
2.00 acres
Welcome to Entrelagos, an extraordinary estate located on a private peninsula in the town of Windermere Florida, part of the Orlando Metropolitan Area. This one of a kind estate is located in a prestigious neighborhood on the Butler Chain of Lakes, minutes from Disney World and Universal Studios.

This high class seven bedrooms, nine-bathroom estate comes with all of the resort style amenities and developed with relaxing and recreation in mind. From the beginning, every detail of this three-story, 14,706 square foot mansion was given exceptional attention. Taking almost ten years and 8 million dollars to complete, the stunning interior features were handcrafted by Filipino artisans and shipped to the United States.

In addition to the main house, the property includes an additional 3 bedrooms, two bath guest house, and separate staff quarters which are located above the five-car garage.

This 2.44-acre property located on a peninsula in a gated community with 24-hour security presents the owner with complete privacy, a tranquil setting, and peace of mind.


Details are shown on the hand-carved interior doors and painted to be admired as functional works of art. The artistic detail on the outside grand columns was constructed using hand-hewn coquina rock, a feature virtually impossible to replicate. Custom ironwork is displayed throughout the estate and included on the grand staircase, spiral staircases, and the main interior balcony.

The first floor includes a spacious recreational room that has views of the resort-style pool and Lake Sheen. Adjacent to the recreational space is a movie theater with sliding entry doors featuring hand-carved movie posters with the likeness of numerous actors.

The homes details continue into the billiard-room, where the hand carved columns include inlaid billiard balls, cues sticks, chess pieces and items reflective of the activities suited for the room. The columns add an animated feature to yet another space for entertaining guests.

One of the stunning features of the estate is the two-story rotunda library with a spiral staircase leading to the tops of the bookshelves. This enticing space showcases beautiful hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and custom lighting, perfect for someone to dive into a good book.

The estates cathedral ceilings and spacious rooms have views of the resort style pool area and both lakes. The pool area includes a cabana bar, spa, separate sauna, full bath and laundry.

The interior also features hand carved molding throughout the living areas and bedrooms. The molding has been customized to reflect the different character of each room.

A wet bar is tucked away on the main floor between the main living area and the recreational rooms. This beautiful feature is easily accessible and provides a centerpoint while entertaining guests.

The immense kitchen features massive amounts of storage and work space provided by the custom built cabinetry. A spacious butlers pantry with expansive storage separates the kitchen from the main dining room.


Located at the end of a lush peninsula with frontage on the popular but exclusive Lake Sheen and Lake Tibet, this unique home is adjacent to the canal that connects the lakes on the Butler Chain. The private covered boat dock has two boat slips and areas to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. After a fun day on the lake, the private tri-level resort-style pool with waterfalls connecting each level offers continued relaxation and recreation for family and friends. Built for entertaining, the outdoor space includes a cabana bar with a full summer kitchen, spa, steam room, and full bathroom.

A 2,000 square foot deck located on the homes third floor provides a perfect venue for entertaining. It offers panoramic views of both lakes and is a great location to watch Disney Worlds evening firework show.

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South GI Ranch
55552 S GI Ranch Road , Prineville
, 97754
Crook County
23,654.00 acres
The South GI Ranch is a productive, income producing cattle ranch with private recreation opportunities. The ranch encompasses 23,654+/- deeded acres with 3,500 +/- acres irrigation water rights for the pivot hay fields and meadow pastures and approximately 103,000 +/- acres of non-deeded grazing. The landscape is diverse with a combination of high desert, meadows, springs, lakes, creeks, canyons and the headwaters of the South Fork of the Crooked River. The ranch includes BLM/State grazing allotments, is fenced, crossed with developed livestock water from springs, wells and pipelines for livestock operations. The headquarters for the ranch is private, overlooking the lake and includes: multiple homes, bunkhouses, barns, shop, pipe corrals and scales. The ranch shows years of land stewardship including development of wildlife habitat, fisheries in the natural streams and lakes and grassland management increasing the production and recreational opportunities!

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Circle E Ranch
, 77831
Grimes County
2,100.00 acres

Property Description:
We are pleased and excited to offer for sale the Circle E Ranch. This property is the dream ranch for the owner or family that is looking for an outdoor paradise with fishing, hunting, skeet range, long distance gun range and ATV trails across the entire property. Centrally located in the region where you transition from the Piney Woods to the Post Oak Savanah, 80 miles north of Houston, Texas. The ranch entrance is located on F.M. 2620 which is approximately 30 miles east of College Station, Texas and 30 miles west of Huntsville, Texas. Access to I-45, which is the main route to Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston, is only a short drive from the front gate.

The ranch has been owned by the same family for many years and is high fenced into several pastures. While the ranch currently has a small cow/calf operation, the main focus of the ranch has been the management of exotic wildlife. The topography of ranch varies from beautiful wheat fields/food plots, to huge pine trees and scattered Oaks. Heavy brush has been meticulously manicured so as to protect all the wildlife, but all boundaries have been neatly mowed to provide easy access around the ranch.

Circle E Ranch is very centrally located between Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth just west of I-45. Madisonville, Texas is 15 minutes north of the ranch with Huntsville and College Station about 30 minutes east and west of the property. The ranch has frontage on F.M. 2620 which runs south out of Bedias, Texas. One gated entrance is located on F.M.2620.

The Circle E Ranch has some spectacular improvements with ample room for both family and friends. The main lodge is approximately 7,500+ square feet with 7 bedrooms and 7 baths. The furnishings are beautiful and ready for immediate occupancy.

All the bedrooms are set up as suites with large private bathrooms. The upstairs is set up with 8 twin beds, perfect for children or a bunk room for guests. The kitchen is beautiful with all modern appliances and granite countertops. A great room has a large, beautiful rock fireplace with high ceilings for entertaining all your friends or company. Outside there is a large fire pit surrounded by chairs for sitting around the fire after dinner. A running fountain stream in the backyard is a nice addition to the atmosphere.

There are two other smaller houses located on the ranch. One is a small log cabin located near the main house and the other is a small house where one of the employees lives. Two large barns are located on the property, one with a large walk-in cooler and cleaning area for hunting activities. There is also a hay barn for storage along with a facility for equipment. Cattle pens are also located on the ranch.

There is an extensive list of equipment with the sale, including but not limited to, several pickup trucks, D6 Bulldozer, Maintainer, Hay equipment, several tractors and much more. A full equipment list is available upon request.

Hunting, Wildlife and Recreation:
The high fenced Circle E Ranch is home to 26 different exotic game species including Sika deer, Blackbucks, Fallow deer, Axis deer,
Nilgai Antelope, Wildebeest, Water Buffalo and Elk. Whitetail deer are also found on the ranch with improved genetics having been introduced in the past. A 1,000-yard gun range is also located on the ranch.

Fishing on the ranch is available in the 60-acre lake along with several smaller lakes and ponds on the property. Both Largemouth bass and Stripers can be found along with catfish and bluegills. Duck and dove hunting can also be good in season. There is a fully equipped skeet range for practicing your shooting skills with friends. Approximately 15 miles of improved roads run throughout the ranch presenting great ATV opportunities to explore the property.

Water Features:
The Circle E Ranch is considered to be very well watered. A water well located near the front of the property supplies all the improvements with a great water source. A 60-acre lake is the center piece of the ranch with fishing and hunting options available year-round. There are approximately 15+ additional smaller lakes and ponds scattered through the ranch, all stocked with fish. Mooring Creek also runs through the ranch providing seasonal water and scattered holes of year-round water.

$15,750,000.00. ($7,500 per acre)

Very seldom do you find a ranch that is attractive and this well-manicured. This beautiful property has hundreds of huge trees, fabulous improvements and an amazing collection of wild game. This is a ranch that is move in ready for you, your family and friends.

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, 75752
Henderson County
1,300.00 acres
1,300 acres | Athens, Texas
1 hour from Dallas

Just off of 175/Loop7 and complete with an incredible on-ranch private access easement to the Athens Airport Jet Strip (currently under expansion and development planning). Thus, Sugaree opportunity provides a private owner or fishing/hunting commercial venture operation with something no other ranch I know of has. Private and exclusive on-ranch access to a commercial jet strip!

Additionally, up to three commercial hanger lot options are included in this offering. This added value amenity access is like no other and provides the ability for family, friends and guests to arrive or depart a stay via private plane without having to ever leave the ranch. Just arrive or depart via Polaris or ATV!

It gets better and better!


This property offers a diverse mix of topography, rolling grasslands, hayfields, forests, pines, pastures and a series of incredible lakes. Perimeters have been planted with over 70,000+ pine trees. There are several springs, soaks and creek beds, as well as two incredible clearwater fishing/swimming holes (hence the name Sugaree). There is also a potential for combining and expanding two existing lake locations (20 & 30 acres each) to create a single lake of an estimated 50+ acres or more. Duck, deer and fish are abundant.

This property is a blank canvas and could go in any direction for private, shared or commercial ownership interests. There is an existing 4,000 sqft. Lodge/Cabin/Home on the edge of a private lagoon, as well as a skeet shooting range and new shop. Privacy, quick access to Athens, as well as Tyler and Dallas make this an ideal investment, private retreat or commercial operation.


Premier Listing

Great Oaks Vineyard
2450 Calzada Ave , Santa Barbara
, 93460
Santa Barbara County
65.00 acres
Privately nestled in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, just 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara, California, Great Oaks Vineyard estate is a destination resort for every generation. Romantic, vibrant and serene are a few adjectives that describe this stunning playground.

Activities and sporting interests abound in an environment of rooted viticulture, creative winemaking and equestrian and other athletic pursuits.

Great Oaks is a place to unplug from the noise of life and to plug in to what really matters to you.

From the deep roots of magnificent ancient oaks to the canopies that shade bridle paths, vineyard vines and lush lavender fields, there is a sense of permanence and legacy that penetrates all that Great Oaks provides.

This is where memories are made. Where generations connect and grow. Where life happens.

A new foal is born, young grapes ripen, riding skills develop, fish are caught, tennis and golf are practiced all within eyeshot of breathtaking vistas, and colors of every season and sunset.

Private jets land five minutes away; commercial flights within 40 minutes make this producing vineyard and ranch easily accessible from anywhere. Los Angeles is 2 hours away.

Estate includes a redone fourbedroom main residence with guest quarters and gym. A separate office and guest quarters and caretakers home accommodate any number of weekend guests.

Guests gather around an imported outdoor pizza oven and stunning 270foot pool and tennis compound surrounded by numerous handcut Santa Barbara sandstone patios and pathways punctuated by subdued lighting and professional landscaping.

Spectacular wines are created from 21 acres of Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes.

Great Oaks stands ready to embrace the next generation of its owners. Who will be the next curator of the memories made there? If you would like to be the one, please contact us for more information.

Price on qualified request.

All Information Deemed Reliable, But Not Guaranteed

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Pine Mountain Lakes
, 75756
Henderson County
800.00 acres
800+ acres | East Texas
1 hour from Dallas

The Fishing - Incredible

The Views - Amazing

The Privacy Serene - Tranquil

The so called Cabin designer perfect - stunning, modern, rustic, cool, stylisheverything!

The Access - Easy

The ValuePriceless

With over 800+ private acres, this amazing property includes incredible topography and elevations of 600 FT. You will see from the enclosed photos, these mountaintops, woods and lookouts feel more like Montana or Colorado, not East Texas!

This is a Pay, Plug, and Play, move-in retreat and share or host NOW with an incredible modern and architecturally significant designer perfect so-called cabin!!

The Cabin Sleeps 18 or more and the amenities have the class, finish, detail and feel of a Four Seasons. Including gym area, sauna, large spa, great room, screened porch, fireplaces, bar, chefs kitchen and more. All within an easy, relaxed lounge/great room flow and layout.

Tranquil and elevated views of a 30-acre lake across a picture-perfect pool and meadow to the waters edge and dock, provide an incredible feeling from the elevated and sequestered cabin site.

Three beautiful large fishing lakes (fully stocked and managed), piney woods, forests and trails, mountaintop mesas and meadows, loops to a bigger lake complete with an island and even electrical service.

There are multiple access points to get to various different and private natural homesites if joint-venture or shared-use is wanted/needed to build extra homes or cabins. There is a large foremans home and a new equipment shop.

Theres more. YOU just have to qualify and come see itavailable for private sale.

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2028 Acres (Cross Creek Farm) in Pearl River County, MS
, 39470
Pearl River County
2,028.00 acres
Breathtaking and majestic are two words that accurately describe the 2,028 acre Cross Creek Farm. This master planned, recreational paradise is one of the top whitetail deer enclosures in the country and offers trophy bass fishing, an incredible turkey population, along with spectacular duck hunting. This meticulously maintained recreational haven has been intensively managed for over 25 years. No expense has been spared. Featuring immaculately groomed grounds and first-class amenities, Cross Creek Farm is a five-star sportsmans paradise.

Upon entrance to the property, your mind will quickly be captivated with the miles of internal roads through the pristine grounds of Cross Creek Farm. The custom-built lodge is ideal for hosting family, friends, and clients. The spacious floor plan features picture windows providing extraordinary views of the adjacent pond, pool, patio and carriage house. The living room is anchored by a large, double-sided stone fireplace that soars to the vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams.

As you make your way to the back patio, you will find a heated lap pool and hot tub. The adjacent carriage house/recreation room offers an outdoor kitchen and bathroom. The entire premise is beautifully landscaped, well maintained and watered by an underground sprinkler system.

The highly improved Cross Creek Farm features 2,028 contiguous acres of gently rolling terrain affixed with long leaf pine, slash pine, hardwood draws and natural regeneration. Throughout the property, there are several ponds with the primary water source being the 60 acre lake that has been professionally managed for a number of years. To enhance natural foods for the wildlife, over 3,000 oaks have been planted along roads, fire lanes and bottoms. Approximately 150 acres are designated for summertime wildlife plots and 100 acres for wintertime plots. Protein feeders provide supplemental feeding to ensure proper nutrition is available to the wildlife 365 days a year.

The pristine grounds of Cross Creek Farm are navigated by over 5 miles of highly improved roads and internal trails. At each turn in the road, you will be in awe at its beauty and vastness! From hunting, to trail riding, to fishingthis is the type of property that can be enjoyed year-round!

The pine timber has been well-managed over the years with scheduled burning and thinning. This has created ideal bedding and browse habitat for deer, turkey and other small game. The diverse age class of the longleaf pine and slash pine, accompanied with proper timber management practices, will allow for future, rotational cutting.


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Hunting & Recreational Ranch For Sale in Pickens County, AL
1222 Boyd Road , Pickensville
, 35447
Pickens County
3,040.00 acres
Historic Plantation with Hunting & Recreational Land For Sale in Pickensville, AL

Owl Creek Plantation

Let me take you on a journey. A trip back in time. An excursion to a plantation unaware of the chaos of 2020. A place where the road ends and the enchantment of a simpler existence begins. Let me take you to Owl Creek Plantation.

Owl Creek is located on the AL/MS boundary in Pickens County, Alabama, just East of Macon, Mississippi. The yellow brick road truly does end at Owl Creek. When the lodge comes into view, its hard not to pull over on the lakeshore and take it in. Perfectly situated on the water's edge, with 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, screened porches, massive dining and entertaining areas, and sunset views that are otherworldly, Owl Creek Lodge grabs your heart from first glance. The lodge looks as though it too was created in the beginning, like it just belongs. Additionally, in the not too shabby guest house on the North end of the lake, youll find 3 more bedrooms with another 2.5 baths. Owl Creek can easily sleep 22 guests comfortably and has not only been a family retreat for over 70 years, it has been the site of many weddings and other social functions.

If, and that's a big if, you can drag yourself away from the lodge, you can begin to find your way around the 3,040 acres of unbelievable serenity and beauty. The improved road system winds its way through massive hardwood stands along the majestic Tenn-Tom River. Strategically located throughout the property are wildlife fields overflowing with deer and turkeys, purposefully flooded cypress brakes for waterfowl and many deer stands only in need of an afternoon hunter. The hunting is so good in fact, several years ago the property generated over $200k in revenue from sold hunts.

The timber component of Owl Creek is mainly mature hardwood. There are a few scattered areas of managed loblolly pine creating habitat throughout the property. A recent timber cruise is available upon request and reflects a timber value of $4.2M. A new owner looking to add more habitat and recover some of the purchase price could easily take advantage of the timber market in the area.

And just when you think you've seen it all, you stumble upon Camp Duke. Camp Duke is on the southern end of the property, isolated from life. Its the retreat within the retreat. Camp Duke IS social distancing. I cant describe Camp Duke, you have to experience Camp Duke.

I've been blessed in my career to work with wonderful families and some unbelievable properties. They have all been special. Owl Creek Plantation sets the bar high for all the properties before, and all the properties yet to come.

So, Let me take you to Owl Creek Plantation.

For more properties like this, go to United Country Real Estate!

Listing ID: 23042-33525

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East Texas Game & Cattle Ranch | Lakefront Home
15212 COUNTY ROAD 363 , Winona
, 75792
Smith County
1,146.00 acres
Fully Furnished East Texas Game & Cattle Ranch with 1,146 acres of prime, picture perfect land including a 30 acre lake, 14 small lakes/ponds & a creek! 3 1/2 miles of road frontage on 3 county roads & 1 FM road. 2020 built 5BD/6.5BA home meticulouslydesigned for entertaining & function. Ultimate Lodge Style home features fabulous great room, open concept with stone FP, antler chandeliers, gorgeous bar & gourmet kitchen featuring WOLF range & SS appliances. Split primary in suite has stacked stone FP & spa like bath with fabulous shower & mosaic tile soaking tub. Spacious guest bedrooms have private bathrooms. Oversized 2 car climate controlled garage with walk in cooler plus 2 car carport. Outdoor amenities include heated salt water pool with spa, water feature & outside grill. 3/2 brick + a 2/2 mobile home on property with separate entriesfrom another county road. Shop, barn & working pens. 1 1/2 hours east of Dallas - DFW. Less than 30 minutes to Tyler.

Click FULL FEATURE LIST for detailed breakdown.

Listing ID: 42055-03007