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Some of the most in-demand locations in North Carolina are on Outer Banks, which claims to have some of the most desirable beaches in the country, but there's a lot more to this state than the beach including the highest waterfall in the East, Whitewater Falls, measuring 411-feet tall.

North Carolina's median elevation is 700 feet above sea level and there's a lot of diversity in its land. From the coastal plain to the Piedmont plateau, and on to the gently rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains, land for sale here sees a lot of different uses including some prime hunting acreage. The state measures 53,800+ square miles and is divided into 100 counties.

Hunting and fishing are prime. A U.S. Fish & Wildlife census from a few years back offered there to be 335,000 resident and nonresident hunters in the state, and 1,525,000 anglers in 2011. Individual hunters spent an average of 23 days involved in their sport while fisherman spent 15 days on average.

North Carolina Hunting & Fishing Game

North Carolina permits a lot of hunting game including smaller species such as opossums and raccoons, squirrels and rabbits. There are migratory birds along with native quail and pheasant. Of course, deer hunting is large here, and two species of bear, the Eastern bear and Piedmont bear, are also legal to hunt. Hunters need to adhere to seasonal guidelines and the permitting process, whether on public or private lands.

Within the state's rivers of Neuse, Roanoke, and Yadkin, their tributaries, and various lakes and ponds, fishing species found in North Carolina include black bass, crappie, sunfish, bluegill, and warmouth. There is also great saltwater fishing within the Outer Banks region and the coast.

Wilderness Properties

Land for sale can be found in various locations throughout the state and one of the things you can count on are magnificent views of greenery that go on forever fading into hazy sunsets. These wilderness areas offer great retreat living away from city life. The perfect wilderness getaway spot can be found in many areas from small amounts of acreage to larger parcels.

Whether you are looking to get back in touch with nature, drop a line in the lake, or hunting for something to put on the dinner table, properties are available for you to build your own cabin or retirement home while not being too far from local city amenities. Some acreage may already have living quarters developed. Other land may have easy access to electrical input and other necessities. Yet, there is still an abundance of untapped native land with a clean canvas from which to start.

Investment Properties

Whether you are considering property in which to live, part or full time, or simply as an investment into the future, many North Carolina counties have something to offer. When looking for smaller properties, 10 to 20 acres or so, in the western part of the state consider Madison or Buncombe, or the timberland areas of Cumberland or Hole in the central southern area. Larger parcels may be available in Rockingham or Stokes counties to the north. A lot of this depends upon your preferences or the area you may want to invest.

With public lands becoming more crowded year after year, the demand by hunters for private land locations becomes higher. Investment lands could include your own desire to develop property for commercial use such as that for a hunting or fishing lodge, or to buy and lease out your own property to others who want to utilize it for their own private or commercial use. Hunting tourism is on the rise throughout the eastern part of the country and it is something you could consider taking advantage of. Once hunters have spent dollars on equipment, they are ready to spend more on where to utilize it.

If you are looking for land for sale for your own personal piece of wilderness, or as an investment property, North Carolina has a lot to offer. Private hunting and fishing lands are abundant and can be yours for the asking. If you have your own wilderness land for sale in North Carolina or anywhere in the country and want to get it noticed, take a look around the listings of Land Broker MLS. Then, contact us to get your own land noticed on a well-traveled site of the internet with people searching for their own piece of heaven.

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