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THE LAND BROKER COOPERATIVE: Taking Back Control, Pricing and Information Possession

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Over the last year, the landscape has changed in the world of digital marketing for the rural real estate industry. Taking action, a group of concerned brokers nationwide are working together to proactively to develop an answer: A Cooperative Association for rural land brokers and agents built to:

Return buying power to the brokers and agents
Retain ownership of personal and professional information
Focus on quality of leads through targeted advertising

Ask yourself:

  • Are you content to raise your marketing budget without additional benefits?
  • Are you content being priced out of advertising because your smaller firm has limited funds?
  • Are you content to hand over ownership of your information in exchange for an online presence?
  • What’s next?

An opportunity now exists to level the playing field.
Welcome to a new website built to serve its members.

Welcome to a group built for brokers, by brokers.

Welcome to The Co-op.
Every Broker/Agent who joins the Co-op shares equal ownership and holds a unique voice; they are also represented by a board consisting entirely of Member Brokers. Priorities include:

  • Membership Limited to Licensed Brokers/Agents
  • All Members have One Share, One Vote
  • Uncompromised Data Ownership and Control
  • Digital Marketing Costs Controlled Through Competition
  • Discounts from Cooperative Marketing Relationships
  • Plans Include Discounted E&O and other Member Benefits

Imagine a centralized website where you not only retain sole ownership of your data, but also are assured a steady source of quality, carefully targeted Internet traffic and consistent affordability without the year-to-year contracts or surprises at renewal. offers a modern layout and interface, strong viewership and relevance as well as current MLS backend capabilities. But most importantly, it focuses on the points central to a brokerage’s success: closing deals. Millions of views, thousands of likes and hundreds of comments mean nothing if a property remains unsold. One call leading to a closing is more valuable than any amount of web traffic.
In this way, seeks not to win the numbers game, but the sales game. The Co-op website does not want the MOST views or properties, but the most RELEVANT. Quality exposure is more valuable than Facebook likes.
Co-op members will benefit from the strength and effectiveness of its media buying power and seek to “target smarter” in the relevant markets that cater to the rural land and country living lifestyle.
In 2018, the Co-op hands the power of information BACK to the Land Brokers.