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The U.S Land Broker Cooperative By Brokers For Brokers

Friday, June 29th, 2018


Membership Continues to Rise as Farm, Ranch & Land Brokers Find Value and Opportunity in CO-OP Ownership

[Texas – July 2, 2018] The Land Broker Cooperative (“The Co-Op”),, is actively acquiring new member-owners who desire to take back control of the current rural real estate advertising industry. Since the formal announcement in March 2018 during the Realtors Land Institute national meeting in Nashville, TN, The Co-Op has e ngaged real estate brokers across the country who have been unsatisfied with the current advertising monopoly in the industry; a steep rise in digital advertising prices, and loss of privacy and control of data have created a disadvantage to smaller and single-agent real estate offices across rural America. In some cases pricing them out of the marketplace.

In response, several rural real estate Brokers/Agents have developed The Co-Op, a formal cooperative organizational structure that holds true the values and ideals shared by farm, ranch & land brokers. The Co-Op is both owned and managed by licensed Brokers/Agents. Every Broker/Agent who joins shares equal ownership and holds a unique voice.

Cooperative priorities include:

  • Membership limited to Licensed Brokers/Agents
  • All Members have one share, one equal vote
  • Data ownership and control
  • Digital marketing costs controlled
  • Discounts from cooperative marketing relationships
  • Plans will include discounted E&O and other insurance member benefits
  • Profit sharing through dividend distributions to member-owners

With strength in numbers, the Co-Op will endeavor to add discounts and advantages in relevant markets that cater to the rural land and country living lifestyle. Through the strength and effectiveness of its buying powers, Co-Op members will benefit from competitive prices in print publications in key industry publications and websites.

The Co-Op gives the power of information back to the land brokers,” said Dan Murphy, M4 Ranch Group Broker and President of the Co-Op. “It’s important for our brokers and agents to have control of their listings and their budget. Flexibility and choice have always been important in a marketing strategy; no one wants their entire budget tied up in one place. It’s an important time to embrace this concept.”

Cooperatives have been the foundation of rural America business for more than a century,” said Managing Broker Bart Miller of Mason & Morse Ranch Company and a Founding Member. “An organization of people with common business interests, high principles and a need to manage their industry in a time when large corporations are increasingly in control of the market space and pricing is important for our industry. Inevitably this leads brokers to service their clients more effectively.”

The Land Broker Cooperative was created in 2018 by a group of professional farm, ranch & land brokers who recognized the importance of serving the needs of the rural real estate brokerage community. These include reaching a target audience and providing services on a cost-competitive basis while allowing you to protect personal and professional data. This broker/agent-owned cooperative offers an equal voice to all members, group buying power and shared participation in any profits.


For more information on The Land Broker Cooperative please contact:
Deetra Tsakrios | Member Relations Manager | 208-681-7709