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Things To Know About Owning a Ranch

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019
owning a ranch - landbrokermls

For many, the possibility of owning a ranch is simply a dream. But, for some, it can become a reality, if you are willing to do your homework ahead of time, and work hard once you purchase. Life on the ranch is a great place to raise a family, and owning ranch land is something that can be passed down to future generations. But, there are a lot of considerations to take in before you just go out and buy land on a whim! Examine why you want a ranch and what you expect out of it.


Red Flags When Buying Land

Thursday, June 20th, 2019
Buying rural land

There are a lot of benefits to buying raw land. Buying ranch property is usually a sound investment. It won’t go anywhere and you can only improve upon it in the future.


LAND BROKER CO-OP Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Land Broker Co-op

The Land Broker Co-op is celebrating its 1st anniversary with work underway to add an additional 60,000 land listings over the next couple of months. George Clift, Co-op Secretary & Clift Land Brokerage TX, states, “The addition of these new listings will place the Co-op’s website at the top of the land listing market. The process of upgrading the servers to support this level of listings will be completed in a few weeks.” The Co-op’s mission of optimizing market exposure with data controls, fair pricing, and equal ownership is the backbone behind the industry’s support for this unprecedented land professional movement.

Dan Murphy, Co-op President & M4 Ranch Group CO, said, “We appreciate the vision and confidence placed in the Co-op by the hundreds of brokers and agents throughout the country who joined our movement and became Co-op Members this year. The Co-op’s momentum reaches all corners of the country and includes a range from single agent offices to national franchises.”

Co-op Members now enjoy discounts from a growing list of organizations including Cabelas, Skeleton Optics, Terrastride, Open Fences Magazine, LandHub, J.B. Hill, and The Land Report. The Co-op continues to explore health care coverage options and is in negotiations for the rollout of select coverage options in the coming months.

Dan Hatfield, Broker and VP of Sponsor Development for the Co-op, emphasized, “The Co-op is receiving tremendous support from the Farm Credit banks across the country. The fact that these lenders also operate as cooperatives establishes an immediate connection. The addition of 60,000 listings on is a game-changer for lenders, as they desire to support the rural real estate community and land buyers throughout the country.”, the website of the Co-op, continues to see vast improvements regarding functionality and traffic, and is currently experiencing aggregated web visits of 2 million per month. John Hayter, CTO, states, “The addition of the new listings on will have a dramatic affect on the visitor experience and lead generation potential for the site.”

Not to be forgotten, Open Fences Magazine, the Co-op’s official publication, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. David Light, Publisher and CDO, stated, “We thank all our magazine advertisers who made this journey possible. Our payback is all Co-op members enjoy a 20% discount on Open Fences pages. We look forward to another exciting decade of positively influencing the lives of all professionals involved in the rural real estate market.”

About the Land Broker Co-op
The Co-op was formed to create an avenue for rural real estate professionals to join forces and mutually enjoy benefits normally offered to larger organizations, while also working to regulate technological changes in a manner that maintains listings data integrity and ownership. The historical protocol of direct broker/agent to buyer/seller relationships is critical to the mission of the Co-op, without such relationships being intercepted, tolled and re-distributed by technologists. For those unsatisfied with the current state of real estate advertising, the Co-op helps foster change, as every broker/agent who joins the Co-op shares equal ownership and holds a unique voice. The Co-op’s philosophy of equal ownership and voice for all without pricing smaller offices out of the market, is beneficial for everyone involved.

As a true cooperative, 100% of the Co-op is owned by its Members, who enjoy equal voting rights, group buying power, and shared participation in profits. Although the mission of the Co-op isn’t to generate a profit, any profit is equally shared by Members as patronage dividends. The Co-op recently paid back $10,873.59 to its 2018 Members.