LAND BROKER CO-OP Welcomes Whitetail Properties as National Affiliate Partner.

Whitetail Properties has joined the Land Broker Co-op as a National Affiliate Partner, resulting in the addition of over 1,000 land listings to, the only broker-owned land listing site in the nation.

As a National Affiliate Partner, Whitetail Properties has offset a significant portion of the cost of Co-op Membership for its affiliated brokers and agents nationwide. Whitetail Properties brokers and agents joining the Co-op will enjoy equal ownership and voting rights, collective buying power, shared participation in profits, Member only insurance options, and significant discounts across multiple categories including: personal vehicles, office and school supplies, computers and accessories, personal finance, promotional products, security and risk management, travel and entertainment, apparel, and more.

Whitetail Properties joins a strong list of Co-op National Affiliate Partners, including LandLeader, Mossy Oak Properties, and Sports Afield Trophy Properties in their support of the Co-op as a movement by and for rural real estate professionals to take control of listings data and advertising costs, and provide other benefits that result from group buying power.

Dan Murphy, Co-op President & owner of M4 Ranch Group, said, “An essential part of the Co-op’s mission is to preserve the direct broker/agent to buyer/seller relationship without additional interference from technologists. We are thrilled Whitetail Properties has joined the Co-op as a National Affiliate Partner and look forward to assisting them bring together buyers and sellers of hunting, ranch, and farmland.”

About the Land Broker Co-op

The Co-op was formed to create an avenue for rural real estate professionals to join forces and mutually enjoy benefits normally offered to larger organizations, while also working to regulate technological changes in a manner that maintains listings data integrity and ownership.  The historical protocol of direct broker/agent to buyer/seller relationships is critical to the mission of the Co-op, without such relationships being intercepted, tolled and re-distributed by technologists. For those unsatisfied with the current state of real estate advertising, the Co-op helps foster change, as every broker/agent who joins the Co-op shares equal ownership and holds a unique voice. The Co-op’s philosophy of equal ownership and voice for all is beneficial for everyone involved. As a true cooperative, 100% of the Co-op is owned by Member brokers and agents, who enjoy equal voting rights, group buying power, and shared participation in profits. Although the mission of the Co-op isn’t to generate a profit, any profit is equally shared by Members as patronage dividends. The Co-op distributed $10,873.59 to its 2018 Members.

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