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Wolves in Montana and Wyoming

Monday, October 5th, 2009

When looking for Montana ranches for sale and Wyoming ranches for sale, you may want to consider the difference between Montana’s and Wyoming’s wolf management. Wolves will have significant impacts on your ranching operations and wildlife populations.

Last May, wolves were delisted in both Idaho and Montana and management was turned over to the states. Both Montana and Idaho initiated wolf hunts to begin this year. Montana limited wolf kills to 75 or 15% of the Montana wolf population.

The USFWS however, exempted Wyoming from the wolf management. This means that currently wolves cannot be hunted in Wyoming and remain under federal protection. What does this mean for landowners in Wyoming and Montana? With the new hunts in Montana, wolves will become more wary of humans and give you the landowner an additional tool to help control livestock and wildlife depredation by wolves. Wyoming landowners currently do not have this additional management tool and will suffer higher losses due to depredation by wolves.

It is worthwhile to consider the impacts of wolves and any management options that landowners will have have when looking for ranches for sale in Montana and ranches for sale in Wyoming.