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Tom Biederman

Co-Op Member Owner
Biederman Real Estate
Lexington, Kentucky
A PASSION FOR QUALITY We are in the business of listing, marketing and selling elegant Kentucky horse farms, Residential, Commercial and quality Kentucky agricultural farm properties. Just a little history from me, my family owned and I was raised on a beautiful horse farm in Springfield, Kentucky. We raised American Saddlebreds, Hereford cattle, hogs, sheep, tobacco, lots of hay, corn, soybeans and just about anything else that we could sell. I learned the best way to make money to survive, was to have the best product possible. That meant everything from the soil on the farm to the equipment, and most importantly the folks that worked and lived on the farm with us. So in essence, I was raised to appreciate quality, especially in real estate, and that is what lead me to become a Kentucky Farm Real Estate Broker. I thoroughly enjoy helping our clients buy and sell superb real estate, it’s what makes me tick. I hope that when you or someone you know wishes to buy or sell property in Kentucky, you will think of a person who loves his job. Call us any time, we appreciate your support!
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