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Ketchen Holdings

O Stinking Creek Rd, LaFollette, TN
Status: Active
Property Type
Commercial Acreage
Fishing Land
Hunting Land
Mountain Land
Recreational Land
15,491 acres
Campbell, TN
List Date
Oct 19, 2022
Ketchen Holdings offers the investor or buyer a portfolio of properties with recoverable natural resources. There are 4 mineable tracts unique to this specific region of TN that offer Blue Gem Coal, Thermal Coal, Silica Sand, merchantable timber, and natural gas. All of these natural resources make this investment extremely lucrative to the right investor. Land Ketchen Holdings can be purchased as a whole or in four individual tracts.  Elk Valley | $17.5M | 8128 acres | Blue Gem Coal Westbourne Mountain | $9.1M | 4115 acres | Thermal Coal Buffalo Tract | $2.1M | 1272 acres | Natural Gas Reserve Mars Sand Mountain | $8.9M | 1976 acres | Silica Sand  o Total Price for all 4 properties: $37.6M | total acreage: 15,491 If purchased as a natural resource investment, it is recommended for all 4 to be purchased together for multiple reasons. There is a gas line located on the Buffalo tract that Elk Valley has access to. The purchase of all 4 properties also comes with the Ketchen Holding name which has 30 years of reputable experience in the industry, established relationships, as well as several permits currently in process. Elk Valley is a Blue Gem Coal tract with natural gas wells. It has been looked at to receive more wells. Westbourne Mountain is a potential oil/gas and thermal coal reserve. Mars Sand Mountain is a Silica Sand tract. Buffalo Tract has limited potential for coal reserve development and is mainly a natural gas property with a natural gas transport line.   Blue Gem is a scarce substance and one of the most highly valued coals in the United States. This “specialty” coal is recognized among industrial users for its very low ash, low sulfur, and ash fusion characteristics. It is used to make clean solar panels, cell phones, and other critical technologies and commodities used worldwide by consumers and businesses alike. Due to its rarity and chronic undersupply, Blue Gem Coal is priced higher than other types of coal, averaging just under $200/ton and currently at $350/ton. Blue Gem’s value has grown significantly in the last 20 years due to the greatly expanded use of computer and other information technology products which utilize silicon metal, declining reserves globally, and restricted processing capacity due to government regulation.  Mars Sand Mountain is made up of some of the best Silica Sand in the country. It has been tested and has proved a very high grade of Silica Sand. There are several different uses for Silica Sand in the industrial and private sectors, from golf courses to glassmaking. How Silica Sand is used depends on physical, chemical, and mechanical characteristics such as grain size, shape, color, structure, and distribution, as well as refractoriness, strength, and stability. These characteristics can differ depending on how the mineral is processed after it is mined. The going rate for Silica Sand today is $96 per ton, putting an estimated profit of $15.3 billion dollars on the natural resource.   With Elk Valley having the largest proven underground reserve of Blue Gem Coal in the Southern Appalachian Mountains and the going rate of $350 per ton, the potential earnings from one natural resource are in the billions. With a B. The combined estimated value of Blue Gem Coal and Silica Sand is around $25 billion dollars. Making it the best natural resource investment on the East Coast of the United States.
Listing Agent
Heath Thompson
River Road Tract
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