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Popo Agie Meadows

222 North Fork Road, Lander, WY
Status: Active
Property Type
Fishing Land
Hunting Land
Recreational Land
River Frontage
81 acres
Fremont, WY
List Date
Jun 1, 2023
This piece of land presents a rare and valuable opportunity for potential buyers. Located in a highly sought-after area with limited availability, the Popo Agie Meadows offers a unique chance to establish a recreational retreat. Your backyard could be a natural habitat for wildlife, including elk, deer, moose, and more. The convenience of hunting and fishing activities adds to the appeal. At the same time, the town of Lander, a mere 10-minute drive, provides essential services such as the airport, medical facilities, and food options. Lander is renowned as one of America’s top outdoor towns, fostering a vibrant atmosphere for locals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Heading north from town, visitors can embark on the North Fork Road, passing by picturesque homesteads and rolling grassy hills as they access public lands for recreational purposes. En route to Lander, the Popo Agie Meadows can be found adjacent to the road, nestled on the banks of the north fork of the Popo Agie River. Its lush grassy fields, well-maintained fences, and breathtaking views in every direction are sure to captivate any observer. This land offers a range of possibilities. The owner can expect high-quality hay production with both irrigated and sub-irrigated acres suitable for farming. The abundance of hunting, fishing, and recreational opportunities adds to its allure. Moreover, the location provides privacy and seclusion, making it ideal for families and personal livestock. Given the rarity and desirability of this opportunity, it is expected to attract significant attention. Take this opportunity to review and explore the remarkable Popo Agie Meadows near Lander, Wyoming, as it may only be available for a short time.
Listing Agent
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Fay Ranches Broker
Co-Op Member Owner
Fay Ranches Inc
Bozeman, Montana
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