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Search Land - Hyatt Farms at Lake Kissimmee 1,660 +/- Acres

Hyatt Farms at Lake Kissimmee 1,660 +/- Acres

State Road 60, Okeechobee, FL
Status: Active
Property Type
1,660 acres
Osceola, FL
Water Rights
List Date
Feb 19, 2024
Golden opportunity to purchase a diversified farm operation with 1138 row crop acres ( 1 yr away from being certified organic) and 522 Citrus acres; This proven warm micro-climate at the southeast side of the Lake Kissimmee and the head waters of the Kissimmee River gives confidence to grow winter vegetables. Warm site, abundant water and high quality soil make this site a replacement or complementary site to Immokalee, Homestead or the Plant City/ Manatee County winter vegetable areas. This property grows a wide variety of crops, including peppers, watermelons, cucumbers, squash, tobacco, strawberries, peanuts, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, lettuce, cantaloupe, citrus, and more, showcasing its rich agricultural potential. There are two H-2A approved labor camps with accommodation for up to 180 people, alongside a custom commercial kitchen. Water resources are plentiful, with unlimited access to surface water from Lake Kissimmee, supported by a permit for a semi-closed/drip irrigation system that guarantees year-round irrigation efficiency. The entire farm can be irrigated any time, at the same time, without worrying about shortage of multi-zone irrigation systems. Accessibility is convenient with three entrances from Hwy 60. A 30,000-square-foot vegetable packing house is included in the sale, which includes 12,000 square feet of cooler space. Additionally, there is room within the packing house to accommodate a second packing line.
Listing Agent
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Benjamin Crosby
Co-Op Member Owner
Crosby & Associates, Inc
Winter Haven, Florida
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