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MLS Number: MT275344
Price : $1,650,000    $100,000
Type: Ranch
Features: N/A
Acreage : 2,104.00
State: Montana
County: Stillwater
Status: Active
Property Documents: N/A

Locomotive Butte Ranch is named for the prominent geographic formation on the north end of the Ranch with the same name. Locomotive Butte is located in the little known, but very special, Big Coulee Valley of central Montana. Located just south of the Musselshell River and the rural community of Ryegate, the setting for this low-overhead livestock and dryland-farm operation must be experienced to fully appreciate how special and unique this part of Montana truly is. The broad isolated Big Coulee Basin was the winter range to the historic Montana Cattle Company and the famed 79 Brand in the open range era of the late 1800’s Montana.