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DOUBLE D RANCH - 628.98+/- Acres - Real County, TX

MLS Number: TX402180
Price : $2,900,000
Features: Barn, Corrals, Creek, Electricity, Fishing, Home, Hunting, Lake, Lake Frontage, Minerals, Pond, Water Well, Wildlife Feeders
Acreage : 628.98
State: Texas
County: Real
Status: Active
Property Documents: N/A

We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to market the Double D Ranch located in the spectacular Nueces Canyon country. The ranch is one of those that people tend to keep, and there are good reasons for that. This is the first time the ranch has been for sale in thirty years. There is beautiful flat open land for horseback riding and hiking. The rest of the ranch is thickly covered covered with rugged hills for hunting and adventurous ATV enjoyment. With a highly desirable mix of topography and cover, teeming with an abundant variety of Hill Country wildlife and 8+/- acre Pfletcher Lake, the ranch has something for everyone to enjoy.

The first Texas Ranger camp in the area was established at Dixie in 1840. In 1847 Lewis Barksdale patented a league of land near Dixie. Grandma Sanches settled on the high bank of the Nueces River and was one of the first settlers to make Dixie their home. Later settlers changed the name from Dixie to Barksdale. During the 1880s, more settlers arrived and Barksdale became a thriving community with a hotel, grocery store, school house, grist mill, Post Office, cotton gin, and three saloons. The school house also served as a church. About half way between Barksdale and the Double D Ranch a school house was built beside present Dry Creek Road.

Double D Ranch Living Room
Main Home: The main home is an older but well maintained, clean and comfortable five bedroom - two bath (5BR/2B) house situated a convenient walking distance from Pfletcher Lake.

Foreman’s House: The foreman’s house (3BR/2B) is located between the main home and the ranch entrance and is an older but very livable home that once served as the ranch headquarters house. Other improvements include a metal building with a concrete floor and a second metal building.

The entire perimeter of the ranch is fenced and the ranch is divided into three pastures. The fences are in fair to good condition, but portions need repair from time to time to contain livestock. All of the perimeter fence is low, livestock fence and none of the ranch has deer-proof fencing. There is an old set of roping pens located west of the foreman’s house. As with most ranches in the Hill Country, there are a few places where the fence does not precisely follow the ranch boundary, which can be more specifically identified on a survey plat map of the property.

For the thirty years under the current owner, the ranch has never been leased for commercial hunting, with only family and friends enjoying the game opportunities on the ranch. The abundant game animals include Axis, White-tail, Turkey, Hogs, & Aoudad, to name a few. Other wildlife typical to the area include bobcat, red & black squirrels, jackrabbits, and the occasional mountain lion.

Double D Mt Peak Blind WILDLIFE HABITAT:
The approximate south 1/3 of the ranch is relatively open flatlands & includes scenic meadows dotted with oak mottes, regrowth cedar & native trees, including Live Oak, Blue Oak, Shin Oak, Spanish Oak & some Cypress along the creek. This area covers hundreds of acres of accessible pasture for livestock, horseback riding, hiking, hunting,and similar activities. Native grasses include Red Gramma, Drop Seed, KR Bluestem, Side Oats Gramma, Purple Three Awn, & Curly Mesquite. The other 2/3 of the ranch is rougher, hilly country that is well covered with brush: Agarita, Cedar, Kinnikinic, Persimmon, and Mountain Laurel.

Valley View
The owner believes that he owns 100% of the minerals and will convey all that he owns for the sales price. If more precise mineral ownership is important to a buyer, the minerals should be confirmed by an attorney’s mineral title opinion or land man’s mineral title report.

Telephone and internet services are provided by Southwest Texas Communications headquartered at Rocksprings, Texas, and electricity is provided by Pedernales Electric Co-op.

$3,197.44 in 2019 or about $4.93/acre under ag value and including all improvements.

$2,900,000 or $4,610/acre

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