Features and Benefits

Land MLS

Access MLS data and include customized Land MLS search on your company site.

Land MLS Search

Add a custom Land MLS search to your company website

Unlimited Listings

Post unlimited number of listings with up to 20 images. In order to keep listings current, email notification will be sent every three months to renew listings or the listing will be removed.

Market Data

Access data such as selling price and days on market on sold properties.

Co-broker information

Access information on co-brokering and commission splits.


Keep clients and customers up to date on your company and real estate markets by creating a company newsletter with our user friendly template with click and send email capability.

Property Postcard

Create and email property postcards to keep clients, brokers, and customers informed of new listings.

Property Brochures

Create and email property brochures giving detailed property information to brokers, clients, and prospects.

Buyer Alert

Brokers and buyers can submit property search criteria and when a property matching that criteria is listed, an email notification will be sent to both the listing agent and person who submitted the alert.

Website Link

Direct more traffic to your company’s website with a direct link from Open Fences, LLC.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is available at a low cost through Open Fences, LLC. with convenient web site templates or custom design.

Broker / Agent Profile

Broker/Agent’s name and picture will automatically appear next to listings with a link to Broker/Agent’s profile.

Internet Presence

Open Fences, LLC is engaged with a successful SEO company, ensuring LandBrokerMLS.com is ranked high on search engines.

Lead Generation

leads received by Land Unlimited will be forwarded to members who provide services for that area.

Business Directory

Brokers and agents will automatically be listed in our local business directory.

Listing Activity

Monitor number of hits on your listings

Referral Discounts

Refer other brokers or service providers and receive member discounts.

Featured Broker/Agent

As a member you will be able to advertise as a featured broker or agent for an additional fee.

Featured Listing

Members will be able to advertise listings as featured listings for an additional fee.

Website Promotion

Through Open Fences magazine, our website is featured in every issue of this nationally distributed magazine that features exceptional rural real estate properties throughout the United States and internationally. In addition to the printed copies, thousands of digital versions of Open Fences are distributed domestically and internationally each issue.

In addition to promoting the website with Open Fences magazine we are utilizing the following methods to drive relevant traffic to our site:

  • Investing in links with relevant real estate sites around the country
  • Links to and promotion of our website by our Vertical Marketing Partners
  • Paid search using keyword phrases relevant to luxury rural real estate
  • Extensive use of taglines and meta-tags incorporated into the website pages
  • Each property on our website can be crawled by Google’s spiders and may therefore be searched and found on Google and other search engines
  • We share listings with other relevant sites to maximize total exposure of all properties
Additional Services

Open Fences, LLC is currently working on additional services and benefits such as online mapping, contract software, and newsletter to name a few.

Member Registration

Open Fences, LLC offers the following membership options:

Premium Membership:

Must be a licensed Broker or Agent

  • Advertise unlimited listings
  • Access to all market data and comp data
  • Access to customized Land MLS Search using our Land Data Xchange (LDX) Land MLS Search
  • Add a custom Land MLS search to your company website
  • Access to all tools and features (see list at top of page)
Broker / Independent Agent 1 year - $399.00

You receive all the above services and benefits as well as nationwide advertising.