The Land Broker CO-OP

The Land Broker Cooperative (the "Co-op") is a new movement by licensed real estate professionals to control website pricing, take ownership of website data and provide member benefits for real estate professionals of rural America. The Co-op is owned solely by licensed real estate professionals all of whom have one share of ownership and one vote. For more information about the Co-op please see Co-op Info or contact Deetra at 208-681-7709.

The Co-op website offers the following membership levels, all with unlimited listings for an annual membership. A $50 refundable CO-OP membership fee is required for each Broker / Agent account. Details and Rates for the different account structures are listed below.

Corporate Account

    Provides a master corporate account which has full control of accounts under the corporation.This main account can add and remove the companies agents and manage all listings under the corporation. Each corporate account requires a Sub-Agent account.

    *A corporate account is mandatory for brokerages with more than one broker / agent.

    • Corporate Account - $155 month or $1,590/year

Individual Account

    The individual account is for individual broker, agents or single Broker companies with more than 3 listings

    • Individual Account $95/month or $990/year

Basic Individual Account

    The basic individual account is for individual broker, agents or single Broker companies with FEWER than 3 listings
    • Individual Account $28/month or $290/year

*** To Recieve Sub-Agent Account rate requires that your Brokerage have a paid corporate account. If your Brokerage has a corporate acount please contact Deetra at or 208-681-7709 to get discount information


Must be a licensed Broker or Agent

  • Advertise unlimited listings
  • Access to all market data and comp data
  • Access to customized Land MLS Search using our Land MLS Search
  • Access to all tools and features (see list below)


As we have seen, the consolidation of rural real estate websites has polarized, increased costs and, in many ways, eliminated competition. As a result, a group of prominent and concerned brokers nationwide have developed a proactive response: A Broker-owned website operating as a cooperative (the “Co-op”).

The Co-op recognizes the importance of you retaining ownership of your data and having a website that limits the use of such data, as well as ensuring quality website traffic and affordability. As a broker owned and managed website, it serves to act against exorbitant price increases and offers a legitimate option for individuals and companies who generally market specifically to land-based clients.

An opportunity now exists to level the playing field. Every broker/agent who joins the Co-op shares equal ownership and a voice with an organization whose board consists entirely of member brokers. Co-op priorities include:

  • Creating a user-friendly, competitive website with a successful SEO strategy to create strong website traffic
  • Adding value to owners/members in multiple ways as well as helping establish price increase limits for the strongest websites (the Co-op believes its cost will be significantly less than the savings its members will enjoy from using competitor websites)
  • Having true industry MLS website capabilities that become the sole resource for trusted, reliable sales data. Any sales of such data will generate income for the Co-op.
  • Establishing buying powers to gain current and expand discounts/advantages.

The Co-op is launching its strategy by acquiring, an existing website which offers quality, strong viewership and relevance as well as current MLS backend capabilities. The goal of the Co-op website is not to attain the most views, but the most relevant views; not to showcase the most properties, but the most relevant properties. The goal is to develop the largest possible traffic that holds relevance to the target audience.

COOP Members will also benefit from competitive prices in print publications including Open Fences Magazine, as well as additional digital exposure on the Wall Street Journal (, and other land sites such as and  

With strength in numbers, the Co-op will endeavor to add more discounts and advantages in relevant markets that cater to the rural land and country living lifestyle, creating further value by decreasing prices and increasing buying power.

The Co-op is giving the power of information back to the land brokers. There has never been a time more important to embrace this concept.

Features and Benefits

Land MLS

Access MLS data and include customized Land MLS search on your company site.

Land MLS Search

Add a custom Land MLS search to your company website

Land Data Exchange

Access to use of the only tool specifically for land brokers to syndicate listings to multiple platforms

Unlimited Listings

Post listings with unlimited images.

Market Data

Access data such as selling price and days on market on sold properties.

Co-broker information

Access information on co-brokering and commission splits.

Buyer Alert

Brokers and buyers can submit property search criteria and when a property matching that criteria is listed, an email notification will be sent to both the listing agent and person who submitted the alert.

Website Link

Direct more traffic to your company’s website with a direct link from

Broker / Agent Profile

Broker/Agent’s name and picture will automatically appear next to listings with a link to Broker/Agent’s profile.

Internet Presence

Land Broker Co-op is engaged with a successful SEO company, ensuring is ranked high on search engines.

Business Directory

Brokers and agents will automatically be listed in our local business directory.

Listing Activity

Monitor number of hits on your listings

Website Promotion

Through Open Fences magazine, our website is featured in every issue of this nationally distributed magazine that features exceptional rural real estate properties throughout the United States and internationally. In addition to the printed copies, thousands of digital versions of Open Fences are distributed domestically and internationally each issue.

In addition to promoting the website with Open Fences magazine we are utilizing the following methods to drive relevant traffic to our site:

  • Investing in links with relevant real estate sites around the country
  • Links to and promotion of our website by our Vertical Marketing Partners
  • Paid search using keyword phrases relevant to luxury rural real estate
  • Extensive use of taglines and meta-tags incorporated into the website pages
  • Each property on our website can be crawled by Google’s spiders and may therefore be searched and found on Google and other search engines
  • We share listings with other relevant sites to maximize total exposure of all properties
Additional Services

Land Broker Co-op is currently working on additional services and benefits such as online mapping, contract software, and newsletter to name a few.