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The Diversity of Arizona's Land

The Grand Canyon state, Arizona, is known for its colorful mountains and its rich Native American history. Because of its warm, dry weather, it has become a magnet for retirees, although the average age of its citizens is in the mid-30s. Finding your perfect plot of land for sale in Arizona is perfect for any age group.The topography of Arizona is diverse. As such it is difficult to pin down average temperatures statewide. The average elevation is about 4,000' above sea level. The state capitol, Phoenix, is located at about 1,000' with lows in the '40s during the winter and highs well over 100 degrees in the summer. The annual rainfall is around 8".

Flagstaff to the north rises to nearly 7,000' above sea level. It dips down into the teens for lows in winter and rarely hits much above 80 in the summertime. Here you'll see more like 23" of annual rainfall and up to 100" of snow!

Land for Sale in Arizona

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Types of Land

As you can tell the land for sale in Arizona is diverse. Some 42% of the state is in areas of desert. Twenty-five percent contains native grasslands, and 33% is in forests. Recreational land is abundant and available, but there's farmland available for sale as well. Its largest agricultural crop is lettuce. Arizona is also known for growing cotton and hay, as well as raising cattle and calves. There is some dairy industry here, too. For the prospective dairy farmers, there is plenty of Arizona Ranch and Horse Properties For Sale, and lots of space to spread out.

Arizona is known for being rich in minerals and gemstones. Copper is its primary mineral crop, and silver is also mined here. The state gemstone is turquoise and some of the most magnificent turquoise jewelry is created by the state's Native Americans. In fact, Native American tribal lands comprise about just over 27% of the land owned by 21 recognized tribes.

About half of the Arizona land belongs to and is managed by the U.S. This includes the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, seven national forests and 20 national monuments, as well as other recreation areas and historical sites. No worries though. Arizona is the sixth largest state in land mass with nearly 114,000 square miles, so there's plenty of land to go around.

Where to Buy Land in Arizona

Listings of land for sale in Arizona never slowdown with properties starting from $10,000 - $20,000 for partial acreage to dozens of acres, or more. Pricing obviously depends upon the type of property you’re seeking. There's plenty of riverfront property, farming acreage, ranch and grazing land, and recreational land for sale. The state offers plenty of fishing, hiking, weekend retreats, and more.

While the state, as a whole, isn't considered a top retirement location, five Arizona cities were named in the 2018 CNBC article, Retirees are Packing Their Bags for These 10 Cities. There are Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Surprise, and Peoria. Investing in property in one of these cities or their suburbs would be considered wise investing, whether for yourself or as rental property.

Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff all have four-year universities drawing the college-age crowd most of the year making them also prime for the purchase of rental property.

Other land for sale in Arizona is located throughout the state with tourism in mind. Arizona saw 22.7 billion tourism dollars brought into the state in 2017. Much of that is from U.S. citizens, but also those visiting from foreign countries including Mexico. Visitors seek out the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and other natural wonders and National Monuments, but also the Colorado River and Lake Powell for fishing, river rafting, and water skiing. If you're inclined to open a bed and breakfast on a small piece of acreage, you may want to consider one of these areas.

If you're looking for AZ ranches and horse properties for sale, we've got you covered. Whether you're looking to start your own herd on your own piece of private land, or perhaps even start a dude ranch.

The possibilities of what to do with Arizona's land for sale are endless and only limited to your imagination. Browse the pages of Land Broker MLS and explore the land for sale in Arizona. or if you have Arizona land listings, consider sharing them on the web's best co-op. Check us out and get started today!

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