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Delaware's Geography and Climate

Delaware is not very large but is known as the First State and an important one at that. One of the 13 original colonies, Delaware was the first to ratify the US Constitution. In fact, on the first of July in 1776, it was Brigadier-General Caesar Rodney, Delaware's representative to the Continental Congress, who rode 80 miles to Philadelphia even though ailing from severe asthma, to cast the deciding vote in favor of America's independence.

Located in northern New England, Delaware is a mere 96 miles long and 39 miles wide. It is sometimes referred to as the Small Wonder. Comprised of only three counties, it is less than 2,500 square miles with a population of under one-million people. Although it is small, there are still opportunities for land for sale in Delaware. Its capital is Dover in Kent County with a population of just above 37,500 people.

The mean elevation of Delaware is 60' above sea level. The lowest point is sea level itself where the land meets up with the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Its high point is off of Ebright Rd., just south of the Pennsylvania border, where a mobile home park sits at 450' above sea level.

The state is divided into two different land regions. The Atlantic Coastal Plain is where most of its land lies. It's flat here and has some 30,000 acres of swampland. The northern edge of the state lies in the Piedmont Region with low rolling hills. In Dover, there is an average rainfall of 45 inches per year. The city also sees about 15 inches of snow each year.

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Industry and Agriculture Land for Sale in Delaware

This small state does not have a lot of agricultural land, but it does have some on which broiler chickens are raised. Other top crops in the state include soybeans, grain corn, dairy products, and nursery and greenhouse products. Some barley and wheat are also grown here along with potatoes and peas, which are the largest vegetable crops in the state.

Chemicals are the primary manufactured product in Delaware including medicine, industrial chemicals, and plastics. The DuPont Company is based in Wilmington, Delaware and is important to the state's economy. Other manufacturing businesses are also located in the area including those that produce processed foods such as gelatin, pudding, baked goods, and more. The fishing industry also contributes a large sum to the state economy, producing crabs, oysters, clams, and more.

Facts About Delaware

Thomas Jefferson named Delaware the Diamond State, referring to its prime location. Near the mouth of the Delaware River, the first North American log cabin was built in 1638 by Swedish and Finnish explorers.

Delaware was the last state to receive a National Monument. In March 2013, President Barack Obama dedicated the First State National Monument which includes 1,100 acres of preserved land and some historic buildings including the Dover Green. If you want superfast internet speed, you ought to live in Delaware. It is known to have the fastest internet in the country, and connection speeds are quicker than in any other country save for South Korea.

Delaware is known as a business-friendly state through its corporation laws. More than 50% of all US publicly-traded companies and 66% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated here, where there are more than one-million corporations registered. This gives all the more reason to search for land for sale in Delaware and join the high-end business community.

Delaware Land

Because of the size of the state, one might not think there would be many large parcels of land for sale in Delaware that is privately owned, but there are. In fact, there is often land, properties, and homes for sale in Delaware from one-acre parcels up to 100+ acres in the more rural areas. Whether looking for forested land, farmland, beachfront property, or other recreational land, you will find quite a bit of it available on Land Broker Co-op.

Some of those rural lands have good hunting spots, or perhaps access to streams, or ponds with darn good fishing. Whether you are looking for property and homes for sale in Delaware or a cabin to get away from daily city life, browse the DE Farms, Ranches & Acreage Lots for Sale in this First State here on Land Broker Co-op. Looking for a great place to showcase your own land for sale in Delaware? Contact LandBroker Co-op  today and learn what our friendly co-op has to offer!

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