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'Paradise Found' - Land for Sale in Hawaii

Many consider Hawaii paradise! It's a location attracting visitors time and time again. One can only dream of living in the islands, but actually it isn't all that farfetched. Unless you're ready to retire, you'll still need to make a living. Take a look at our listings for Land for Sale in Hawaii and Maui. Why not, as they say, live off the land?

Land for Sale in Hawaii

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Hawaiian Agriculture & Fishing

Hawaii fills a different and important niche in U.S. agriculture. The state's most valuable crops are pineapple and sugar cane. Also important are coffee, macadamia nuts, avocados, bananas, guavas, and papayas which are all pretty unique for the States with the exception of avocados which are also grown in California. Flowers are also a key agricultural component.

Agriculture utilizes about 40% of Hawaii's land. This Hawaii farmland also produces cattle, hogs, dairy products, eggs, and honey mostly for the state's own consumption.

Swordfish and bigeye tuna are the largest commercial fishing operations in the islands. There are also family-operated shellfish hatcheries and nurseries. Any of our listings of land for sale in Hawaii or Maui could contain these fisheries!

Hawaii Land Prices & Taxes

As with different areas of land in the contiguous U.S., prices for the land for sale in Hawaii vary in different areas and in this case from island to island. Oahu, and more specifically around Honolulu, is one of the most expensive areas. But, there are a lot more affordable properties and land for sale in other areas of the island and on other islands.

The Big Island, Hawaii, has more affordably priced land available. Hilo, with a population of just above 43,000, is an economically viable option for many with a median home value around $301,000. The median household income in Hilo is just above $52,500 annually. There is land for sale in Hawaii or Maui that may match this criteria to begin your livelihood.

Hawaii farms  are incredibly diverse, and grow many different crops. Farmland and crops can vary from island to island and are mostly available in small family farm parcels. The popular Kona coffee beans are grown on the Big Island along the Hualapai and Mauna Loa slopes. Macadamia nuts and sugar cane are also grown here. The island of Maui raises sugar cane, has a large involvement in aquaculture and shrimp farming, grows some pineapple, and has its own Maui Cattlemen's Association for local cattle ranchers. While some pineapple is grown on the other islands, this crop is now principally grown on Oahu.

Hawaii has the lowest property tax in the U.S. equaling 0.28% of average home values according to Investopedia. The state's sales tax is 4% with county rates from 0-0.5%. Cities add no additional sales tax. However, Hawaii does have a high state income tax rate with an 11% statutory rate and a somewhat complicated 12 tax brackets.

Island Economics

As one might expect, tourism is the top industry for the State of Hawaii. Whether as a destination or a stop-off between the States and Japan or Australia or New Zealand, the islands saw 8.2 million visitors in 2014. The listings of our land for sale in Hawaii and Maui will put you at the center of the action. Take part in the tourism of Hawaii and Maui!

Defense is another part of Hawaii's economy with several military bases located on several of the various islands. Agriculture is an integral part of the state's economy, as well as food processing. Another important industry is the manufacturing of clothing and other cotton-based products.

Each of the Hawaiian Islands is contained in its own right. Living here, you can find all your basic needs on the island of your choosing. But, with the other islands so close by, it is easy to fly or boat to another for a weekend excursion or for a business transaction.

Choosing from which island and from what land is available depends on your own needs and desires. If looking for a family or retirement farm, check out the land for sale in Hawaii and Maui. If you need to be closer to the big city for your work or business, then Oahu would be best. If you want to venture into tourism, any of the islands will do. With further development of airports on the major islands, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai, getting around is easy and tourists often visit more than one island or location.

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